World Heart Day

World Heart Day

Dr. Nisarga

Sr. Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

KIMS Hospitals, Kondapur.

You ask a person to bend his knees repeatedly, at one point of time he or she will say, he is tired, his muscles are aching and he will stop. You ask the same question to heart, it never says ‘I am tired’, beats vigorously, pumping the blood millions of times in all our lives.

Even that wonderful organ can fail sometimes. More than 20 million people die of heart related diseases every year globally. And surprisingly 80% of them are preventable!

The best way to prevent is to know about the heart, give more work to heart, so that it gets trained well to serve you better.

This year World Heart Day is celebrated with the beautiful theme of “Use Heart, Know Heart”. Because we love and protect only what we know well. The simplest way to achieve the best results is to follow very few basic principles and disciplines in life.

1.Eat good.

With the changing life styles, with the changing job profiles, especially like IT sector, our eating habits have become erratic. We don’t eat at the right time, we don’t eat right thing. Avoiding Cholesterol rich food, excess sugar, and junk food can give a person long life.

2.Exercise little at least.

All humans are designed to walk. We are not asking you to run, the least you can do is to walk some distance every day. It is well proven that walking 20 minutes a day can bring lot of cardiovascular benefits.

3.Manage stress.

We don’t get to see a person without stress these days. The point is how to reduce it. Keep the home happy, manage the finances well, make a better working environment, do regular exercise. All these can bring down the stress level.

4.Other factors.

Smoking is the number one causative factor for heart attack, especially in young. Quit smoking today for a better tomorrow. Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Avoid excess salt to avoid Hypertension. If you have a strong genetic history in the family, get yourself tested early. As India is capital of Diabetes, we need to know Diabetes is directly responsible for majority of cardiovascular disease and mortality in India. The regular exercise will also help to avoid early Diabetes and it’s complications.


So let us all pledge on this day to improve our health of heart for a healthier tomorrow.