Hyderabad's Star Hospitals Extracts a Groundnut from a 71-Year-Old Patient's Lung.

Hyderabad's Star Hospitals Extracts a Groundnut from a 71-Year-Old Patient's Lung.

Hyderabad, 26th September 2023: In a remarkable medical case at Star Hospitals Nanakaramaguda, a 71-year-old woman sought treatment for a lung infection, which led to the discovery of an unexpected and rare foreign body lodged in her lungs. This incident serves as a vital reminder of the importance of safe food consumption practices and raises questions about the unusual circumstances surrounding the patient's condition.


The patient was initially treated for pneumonia in another hospital, and showed no signs of recovery even after 1 month of treatment, then the patient was referred to Star Hospital’s Interventional Pulmonologist, Dr. Kishan Srikanth. Dr Kishan Srikanth promptly initiated the diagnostic process by performing a bronchoscopy of the patient's chest having suspected an obstruction in her left lung. Shockingly, the bronchoscopy revealed a 'foreign body' obstructing her airways, which turned out to be the root cause of her lung infection.

Further examination and a minimally invasive procedure led to the extraction of the foreign body, unveiling an astonishing truth—a ground-nut had become lodged in the patient's lungs, resulting in a severe infection. The question that perplexes many is how did a groundnut find its way into her lungs?


Upon investigation, it was revealed that the patient habitually consumed groundnuts while in a semi-sleep position with a 45-degree recline. This unusual consumption posture may have inadvertently led to the groundnut's entry into her respiratory system.


This extraordinary case underscores the importance of being mindful of our eating habits and the potential risks associated with consuming food in unconventional positions. It serves as a reminder to the public to prioritize safe and comfortable eating practices to prevent such unexpected incidents.


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