Stroke Survivors are the real heros

Stroke Survivors are the real heros

ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital - India’s first complete and integrated rehabilitation facility specializing in stroke, hosted celebrations in honor of the stroke survivors - 'Stroke Heroes', at its premises at Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills, on Sunday. A tribute was paid to all the real-life heroes who’ve displayed incredible spirit, self-belief and willingness to battle the odds, to get back to active life after a life changing event like stroke.


The event highlighted the importance of positive attitude and spirit, along with the right rehabilitation techniques. Because life after a stroke is not just about survival, it’s about living well.


Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Senior Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Hospitals, said, I have seen virtually at least one patient coming to me with brain stroke everyday in the last 21 years of my practice, it has become that common. one out of 6 persons is likely to get stroke during their lifetime. But what is important is the treatment provided post affliction of stroke. If the patient reaches the nearest medical center in four and hours of stroke, he will be administered clot bluster therapy, with which the patient can recover fast. However only 1% or 2% patients reach within that time to avail the benefit. Physiotherapy is the treatment option for all other patients. Today Physiotherapy is more advanced, newer techniques have evolved and physiotherapists are better trained. 80 to 90 % patients can recover in 3 to 6 months through physiotherapy and go back to near normal life. Family support and a positive attitude of let me face it and come out of it, can boost the patient's confidence and aid fast recovery. He said, stroke is the third most common cause for disability and death. The risk factors for stroke are diabetes, hypertension, consuming alcohol, smoking and off late stress.     


Dr. Sandeep Nayani, Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Hospitals, said, brain stroke and heart attack are leading causes of disability and death. Stroke was considered to be a phenomenon of the old age, no more that's the case with more and more people at a young age of below 40 years, are becoming victims of stroke. That poses quite a few challenges, as that's the productive age of life, it impacts the entire family, not patient alone. However stroke is preventable in young people, as it is because of modifiable factors, cessation of habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, controlling obesity, control stress, can reduce the risk of stroke in young persons. Also an young person responds better to treatment, an intense physiotherapy and a positive attitude of the family can help. Most studies have indicated that young stroke survivors go back to their profession within 3 to 6 months with good treatment.


Dr. Anirudh Chirania, Consultant Physiatrist, ApoKos said, in India we have to go a long way before the patients are enlightened about the benefits physiotherapy can bring. The therapists and staff entertained the stroke survivors by performing dance to popular numbers, by hosting quiz and tambola for patients.