KIMS Doctors Perform a Rare Open Kidney Surgery to Save a Patients Kidney

KIMS Doctors Perform a Rare Open Kidney Surgery to Save a Patients Kidney

KIMS Doctors Perform a Rare Open-Kidney Surgery to Save a Patient's Kidney Potato sized stone removed from Karimnagar farmer’s kidney


Hyderabad, 19th November  2018: In a rare feat, doctors at KIMS Hospitals have saved the life of a 39 year-old-man by conducting an ‘Open Kidney Surgery’, to remove a very large stone measuring eight centimeters. The stone was the size of a potato, and occupied almost the entire left kidney, resulting in its reduced functioning at only 18 percent. Considering the very large size of the stone, doctors had to perform ‘Open Kidney Surgery’ on the patient.


A 39-year-old male farmer from Karimnagar came to KIMS Hospitals Secunderabad, with complaints of pain in the left flank for 15 days. Upon investigation, Dr. Neil N. Trivedi, Consultant Urologist, and his team found that the patient had a very large stone in his left kidney, due to which his kidney was functioning poorly.


"Usually, with such a large sized stone, the kidney function would have been damaged, but to our surprise, this patient had partially preserved renal function, and we, therefore, planned to remove the stone. We performed Anatrophic Nephrolithotomy - a surgery in which the kidney is completely split to remove the stone as a whole - after which the kidney was re-sutured. The patient recovered well and has been discharged with normal renal parameters." said Dr. Neil N. Trivedi, Consultant Urologist, KIMS Hospitals.


This is a case of ‘Silent Kidney Stones. Thus, it is important to be KIDNEY AWARE.  Unlike regular pain and other symptoms involved in regular kidney stones, silent stones never show any sign or symptoms until the kidney function is typically affected. Yearly check-ups help to detect and treat stones early, to prevent any damage in kidney function.