Epione provides relief with latest non surgical minimally invasive procedures using Regenerative Therapy

by The Welthi Bureau 24th June, 2019

epione provides relief with latest non surgical minimally invasive procedures using regenerative therapy
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Epione Center for Pain Relief and Beyond - a one of its kind multidisciplinary chronic pain management center in South India, announced treating of several patients with joint pain, including knee and shoulder, successfully, through non-surgical, minimally invasive day care procedure - Regenerative therapy or Platelet rich plasma therapy. Dr Sudheer Dara, Founder Director, Epione Center for Pain Relief and Beyond, said, conventionally these conditions are being treated through major surgeries including knee or shoulder replacement, involving high risk associated with surgery, anesthesia, blood loss, hospitalisation and long period of recovery and loss of earning, while addressing media at a press conference on Sunday. Also present were patients who benefitted from the procedure to narrate their pleasant experience of being relived of the excruciating pain they had to endure prior to the treatment.  



Regenerative therapy or Platelet rich plasma therapy, is an FDA approved and relatively new therapy, with not many practicing it in this part of the world, though it has become one of the mainstream treatment modalities for chronic joint pains and arthritis management, in the USA and developed countries. Iconic sportsmen like tennis legend Rafael Nadal and celeb golfer Tiger Woods, found solace from this treatment.  



Regenerative therapy heals the portion of the body in pain. The cause of the pain could be either due to injury or degeneration of that portion of the body. It involves usage of the patients own blood, and is therefore devoid of any allergic reaction or side effects. Platelets are extracted from the blood in a specialized lab under specific conditions. These platelets are a storehouse of Growth factors, which are known to have the healing power. Studies indicate that Growth factors can help heal the portion in pain in any part of the body, especially the shoulder, elbow, knee joints etc. These extracted platelets are then injected in the precise location where from the pain is originating. This is usually done in an operation theatre as a daycare procedure and may require multiple session ranging up to three, sometimes even more. It is minimally invasive, involves drawing of the blood as is done for blood investigations and again through a needle the concentrated Growth cells is injected under local anesthesia, in the portion needing treatment. Grade 3rd and 4th stage patients may need 3 to 4 sittings of treatment, with a gap of 15 days for each sitting and grade 1 or 2 patients would need lesser number of sittings. Often the treatment is permanent and very effective especially for knee joints, where the degenerated cartilage, the cause for the knee pain is made to re-grow, thereby providing relief to the patients. Often, the patients coming for treatment in a wheelchair tend to walk back home after a couple of sessions, with marked improvement in their day to day living. The cost of treatment would range between Rs 50,000 to Rs 60000 and in most complicated of the cases it wouldn't exceed Rs one lakh.



Among the patients present, who found tremendous relief from the treatment and lead a normal life were a former club cricketer, 60 year old Mr Bhramanand, 46 year old Ms Laxmi Prasanna; 70 year old Ms Roop Rekha; 70 year old Ms Susheela Reddy and 60 year old Mr Haidervalli. 



Mr Bhramanand had led an active life as a club cricketer. Off late he developed grade 4 osteoarthritis of right knee joint. He endured extremely severe pain, with a pain score ranging up to 9/10. During repeated visits to reputed orthopaedic surgeons, he was strongly advised to undergo knee replacement and was postponing it. He tried various options to overcome the severe pain in right knee, but nothing worked, as a last resort before going for a knee surgery, he came to Epione in search of pain relief. He underwent three sitting of Regenerative therapy and with the pain score decreased from 9 to 1, he is back to his active routine.  



Ms Susheela Reddy, presented herself with excruciating pain in both knee joints, she was enduring for over 4-5 years. Her right knee was in severe pain and left leg was deformed due to polio. With a pain score of 9/10, she was almost in a decapacitating state. Ms Reddy was strongly averse to surgery. Three sittings of Regenerative therapy, got her much needed relief from pain. She has already started enjoying her life to the fullest, gained the confidence to go on a month long outing, recently.



Mr Haidervalli, a blind by birth and developed severe shoulder pain recently. An active individual despite his age, suddenly had pain in lifting his shoulder and doing his regular routine. Investigations revealed his problem to be rotator cuff partial tear. At Epione, we did Regenerative therapy for shoulder muscle and it's been over an year since, he is totally pain free and goes about his routine as earlier.



Ms Roop Rekha, too was suffering from pain in knee joint with 9/10 pain score, since 2 years. She was on physiotherapy and pain killers with no succor and ended up being unable to walk. She underwent three sittings of Regenerative therapy, her pain score has subsided from 9 to 1 and is extremely happy after the treatment.



About Epione - Center for pain relief and beyond


Epione is the first multidisciplinary center for management of chronic pain in South India. The Pain management specialists at the Center along with orthopedicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapist, provide comprehensive and holistic pain management services.



At Epione, non Surgical treatment modalities is the basis of treatment using various new technologies like Radiofrequency Ablations, Regenerative Therapy (Platelet rich Plasma Therapy), Ganglion blocks, Joint injections. All the procedures are done under the image guidance and hence the treatment is given at the appropriate target without any complications. These procedures are done as day care procedure, patients get discharged within two hours of the procedure. The treatments are permanent without complications. Such procedures are already in practice in western countries, though in India very few centers have the expertise. It is one of its kind Center in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh.



Epione offers treatment for all kinds of



1.            Back pains -  disc prolapse pain, Sacro Iliac joint pain, facet joint pain, trigger point;

2.            Joint pains - knee joint osteoarthritis, shoulder joint pain, ankle joint pain, hip joint pain

3.            Headaches- migraine, tension headache, cluster headache

4.            Trigeminal neuralgias, intercostals neuralgias, glosspharyngeal neuralgias

5.            All kinds of sports injuries- tennis elbow, rotator cuff muscle injury, meniscal injury

6.            Coccygodynia, testicular pains, female gynecological pain,

7.            Myofasical pain, fibromyalgia, trigger point

8.            CRPS, post stroke pain, post amputation phantom limb pain

9.            Post operative scar pain

10.          Peripheral nerve injury, diabetic neuropathic pain

11.          Cancer pains

12.          Acute accident pain, fracture ribs

13.          Intractable angina pain

14.          Costochondritis

15.          Vascular pain (ischemic pain- peripheral vascular disease)


 Disclaimer: Welthi.com does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here, and the results may vary from person to person. Read more
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