Creativity: An Antidote to Depression

by The Welthi Bureau

creativity an antidote to depression
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“Be positive in the spirit of something that is dark to you”


This World Health Day 2018, let’s throw some light on stress, anxiety and depression affecting an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. It begins a fight within ourselves each day while keeping up the pace to survive with growing expectations, technologies and cerebrally focused culture.

Too much stress or anxiety caused by negative thoughts and emotions which surrounds us may often lead to depression.  The best way to combat it is expressing it in different ways. It is said that creativity is an antidote to depression, stress, and anxiety. Creating something original out of your feelings or mood can be satisfying in itself.


Dr. Ranju Nakipuria, MBBS MS (Gynaecologist and Obstetrician), said, “Most of the people have gone through the phase of unhappiness, sadness, dullness of different intensity at different ages.mostly this phase is temporary and passes off with a favorable atmosphere.If it persists more than two weeks, it should be considered as depression which is a mental illness.In severe cases, there is a suicidal tendency also”.

“Like other diseases, it it treatable. Psychiatrist mostly advice antidepressants along with counseling sessions.Other health issues should also be treated simultaneously”, she added.


Sagar K. Datta, Author, Sanaz, said, “In order to be the practitioners of positivity, serenity, optimism and goodness to fight any negative feeling amongst us or to have it remove and to particularly combat depression, it is very important that we preach, we serve ourselves and pursue a positive or any possible creative activity which allows our heart, mind and soul to vent out everything that is between us”.


"It is very important for us as human beings to have a power within us to convert negativity into positivity. With this even if at the end of the day, any negative comes to you it will be an opportunity and a challenge to take out something positive out of it.  If you can be creative about it and challenge your mind, heart and senses and be positive in the spirit of something that is dark to you, it can still bring out the light. It will be the reflection of your own confidence, virtue and strength”.


“My way of trying to vent out depression was to convert it into a beautiful phrase, verse or a Shayari which is meaningful and well understood. I found my peace of solace in Shayari”, he added.


On World Health Day 2018, as an individual, let’s take a step towards maintaining our mental health through creativity. It is the quintessential antidote for the hectic, too often virtual, the approach we take to live today. You don't have to be an artist to create a masterpiece, and you don't have to show your work to anyone if you don't want to. Just keep it to yourself.


It is never too hard to get started. Pick up an old hobby or look for a new one, try one of these tips:


 Pen it down


Maintain a journal or a diary. With this, you will have a space to share each day’s activity, thoughts (positive or negative), secrets and whatnot. Use it to write down fears and worries. Sometimes, having an outlet in this way can be soothing and ease your mind. Another good way is to write at least five things down every day that you are grateful for. This forces us to think more positively and can help to remind us that things are never that bad.


 Modeling clay


Remember how much fun it was to play with modeling clay. No one is stopping you from doing the same. Become a careless and happy kid again! Make square apples or circular bananas, or different, unusual animals, just make anything you like. Mold it the way you want it to be!


 Paint it out:


Every time you create art, you are taking a picture in time. Like a snapshot from a dream, it can reveal what you need to know, and it's yours to keep. Let your mood choose the colors and your thoughts shape the painting. It will reveal the world you want to live in.


 Connect with friends and family:


This can be one of the hardest things to do when feeling depressed, but it is one of the most rewarding activities. Force yourself to go out. Isolating oneself from others may seem a good idea, but put a limit on it and then get out there again. This can have a huge positive effect on your mood. Build relationships with your family and friends, it will help you build yourself again. Mold in your path in a way that will work for you. Not everyone is same anyway!


 Plan a vacation:


Plan a vacation and do it. Trips often work as a “restart” button. Travel solo or with friends it is a wonderful way of learning how other people live, how they cope, how they enjoy, what they eat, etc.  As a result, you are inspired and eager to enjoy life to the fullest. Choose any place you want. It’s up to you!


 Forgive Others:


When we hold a grudge, we are the ones that feel the anger. The person whom we are angry with is probably merrily going about their business completely oblivious to your feelings. Don’t allow others to have this power over you. They have may have caused you grief in the past, try not to allow that grief to continue – it only affects you, not them. Find a way to forgive – they are not worthy of your time. Lighten the emotional load and you will improve your mood and help you to overcome negativity.


 Don’t give up


Depression can make you want to hide away from the world and disappear. It’s okay to take some time out, but give yourself a time limit and then do something productive to improve your mood. Depression can be well managed and there can be a wonderful life beyond depression. Hang in there and keep the faith.


 Create your life.


Create it through everything you deal with. Use art in multiple manners such as painting, photography, poetry, designing and created a career built on your passion. Even when you want to end it all, you will be able to create a life. Try to find the light within you and go straight through it and come up with something brighter. I created myself as I wanted to be.

Being an individual you have to paint your own canvas. The outcome will be happiness, understanding and a positive life to live. And at last, don’t miss your doctor’s appointment. It is always necessary to consult a professional and follow the guidelines.

 Disclaimer: Welthi.com does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here, and the results may vary from person to person. Read more
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