The end of one year and the beginning of the next – what an anticipated occasion! Most of you will have party plans – getting together with friends and family, or attending the most talked-about event in town. Whatever it is, big or small, a party always means food and drink that is often unhealthy, and if you are concerned about deviating from your healthy diet, or gaining unnecessary calories through over-indulgence, here are some helpful hints to help you usher in the new year in a happy and healthy way.


If you are not a teetotaler, you are going to be waking up on January 1st with an unpleasant hangover if you are not careful. It’s all very well to get high and happy on 31st night, but what about the pounding headache you are bound to wake up with?  Here’s how you can keep a hangover at bay. Eat something before the party to delay your body’s absorption of alcohol. This could also prevent an intense hangover the next day. Munching on olives, nuts and other mildly salted foods is also known to be helpful, as these snacks replenish the body with Sodium, which is an important hangover-fighting electrolyte.  Almonds and nuts actually slow the absorption of alcohol and keep a hangover away.


Sipping a glass of water in between drinks is also highly recommended, as this prevents overindulging in alcohol, apart from preventing a hangover. It also prevents dehydration and overeating. Often, your body misinterprets thirst for hunger, and you might find yourself eating more, rather than drinking more water. Deliberately pouring yourself a glass of water and sipping on it, rehydrates you as well as keeps you with a healthy drink in hand! Snack on some nuts while sipping on the water, and you will be doing yourself a favor!


Choose baked or steamed snacks over deep fried snacks. Something light and healthy is always a better option.  Above all, go slow. Sip your drinks and avoid chugging them, and nibble on snacks. Go slow on heavy sweets and desserts, and avoid eating anything sweet if you have had too much alcohol.


Party intelligently and travel safely. Have your designated driver ready to take you home if you have drunk too much, and try not to let the whole New Year’s Eve hype destroy your enjoyment of the New Year.


Happy 2019! Make it a healthy one!