World Hypertension Day 17th May 2019

World Hypertension Day 17th May 2019

Numbers are important, more so for BP recognition and control .Lower the numbers lesser the effects on Heart, Kidney and Brain.

In India Hypertension led to 1.63 million deaths in 2016 as per global burden of diseases study. Disease burden attributable to Hypertension ( HTN) increased to 39million. Recently there is strong evidence from Sprint Trial that BP numbers are really important to prevent Cardiovascular and Kidney and Brain damage problems ,on the long run.

Is It a Concern?


Yes it is a big concern previously BP was defined as systolic 140MMG and above and diastolic 85 and above. but now BP is 130mmgh and above and diastolic 80mmhg and above ,which makes huge number of people, may be in lakhs, whom we think are not

categorised to BP will fall into the BP category this is a major concern. Another concern is the younger generation are getting affected with BP and without knowing about it. usually BP will not have symptoms. So it goes unnoticed unless regular checking is done.


What are the ways of preventing BP and reducing numbers :


1. Lifestyle changes


a)  Diet - reduce salt in diet ,salted food, fried and junk food as far as possible. Excess Salt Intake is directly linked to B. More fruits in the diet, which contains potassium will reduce BP.

b)  Physical activity - on regular basis, will cut down the calories and weight, increases heart capacity and reduces BP.


2. Prevent weight gain .


Obesity is an ongoing pandemic, secondary tosendatary life style and food habits.obese patients has higher chances of getting BP


3.Reduce stress


without saying much about this, this is an important contributor to BP, so reducing stress will reduce and control BP by reducing sympathetic and prasympathetic drive on heart and blood vessels. Regular meditation and yoga will control and reduce BP.


Recommendations :


Prevent BP numbers to rise, needs proper awareness that, BP Is very common and silent without symptoms, BP categorization and long term effects on the heart, kidney and brain.

Mass campaigns or regular screening programmes for the healthy people from age 20 yrs till 60 plus.


Regular check of BP every 6months or year is required Big initiatives from government, hospitals and voluntary organisations are required to make aware and make necessary arrangements for regular checking of BP.




BP numbers are very important ,lower the numbers lesser the effects on heart, kidney and Brain ,as perthe evidence, basing on major studies. Regular checking of BP at regular intervals at least every 6months or an year, is the Best way to look at the numbers and to have an idea whether ,their numbers are into BP category or not .