61-year-old double total hip replacement patient demonstrates Yoga

61-year-old double total hip replacement patient demonstrates Yoga

To dispel apprehensions of joint replacement patients on physical exercise!


Apollo felicitates Mr. Ramaya Reddy on the occasion of International Yoga Day


Hyderabad, June 21st, 2018 : Mr. Ramaya Reddy, a 61-year-old, who underwent double total hip replacement, demonstrated Yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day, to dispel any apprehensions, patients of arthritis and joint replacements, may have about physical exercise and encourage them to lead an active life, on Thursday at Apollo Hospitals. Dr. P Sharat Kumar, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, briefed about the kind of physical exercises patients of arthritis and joint replacements can involve in and the necessity of being active, on the occasion. Mr. Ramaya Reddy, who is a Yoga guru, serving as Yoga pradhan in Odisha and a committee member of Bharatiya Yog Sansthan, was felicitated on the occasion.



Mr. Ramaya Reddy suffered from severe osteoarthritis with coxa vara deformity affecting both hips and had stiff hips with difficulty in walking. He underwent double uncemented ceramic total hip replacements on 26 January 2014 at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad under the care of consultant orthopedic surgeon Dr. P Sharat Kumar. He underwent extensive physiotherapy and soon his commitment and passion took him back to yoga. Mr Reddy not only practices yoga but also teaches to many people, which he demonstrated through smooth and flawless movements of yoga asanas.



Dr. P Sharat Kumar, speaking on the occasion said, Yoga being low impact exercise, has multiple and profound health benefits. It is ideal for people with arthritis as well as patients with joint replacements, as it improves the quality of life, the life of the joint replacement and could delay the need for revision joint replacement surgery.It improves muscle strength, flexibility and enhances the range of movements and joint stability. Successful joint replacement surgery alone doesn’t help to get back on the foot, the patient should take to muscle strengthening exercises post-surgery for a good outcome. The precision in joint replacement technique and recent advances in technology brought in many changes in implant designs giving more joint stability as well as longevity. However, while performing some yoga exercises utmost caution and discretion is needed to avoid overstretching, as it could result in joint dislocation, he added.



Speaking on the occasion Mr Ramaya Reddy said, due to an accident my hips were damaged and suffered from excruciating pain, couldn’t walk, stand, do yoga, didn’t have relief from treatment I got in Bhubaneshwar and happened to see Dr Sharat, who suggested hip replacement. I underwent the surgery four years ago in 2014, it was successful but Doctor advised me to make effort to walk and become fit and to gradually take to yoga. I could begin with small asanas six months after the surgery, gradually took to little difficult asanas and could do Padmasana after 2 years of the surgery. Now I do all asanas, pranayama and teach yoga to others. My suggestion to other patients is to take to yoga to keep fit but should do in consultation with your doctor and should adapt to difficult asanas, gradually. They should spare at least half an hour time every day, which helps in the long to do well in life. 



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