6 Hours 30 Mins Long Critical Redo Cardiac Surgey Sucessfully Performed At Olive Hospitals

by The Welthi Bureau, July 15th, 2021

6 hours 30 mins long critical redo cardiac surgey sucessfully performed at olive hospitals
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A 65-year-old patient (native of Hyderabad) had undergone valve replacement for one of his heart valves (aortic valve) 12 years ago at the esteemed NIMS hospital. He was in good health after his surgery. But since the last few years he started becoming breathless on walking and also started to develop swelling over his feet. Doctors evaluated him and found that although his heart valve which was changed at the time of surgery was working perfectly but two other heart valves were badly damaged. Medicines or stents cannot treat these damaged valves. The only way was for the patient to undergo open Heart surgery a second time said" Dr Syed Nasheed Ali, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Olive Hospitals.

Open Heart surgery remains one of the most challenging surgery performed in medical history. It represents an amazing achievement and is the difference between life and death for multitude of patients. A hospital which delivers successful results in heart surgery can be assumed to practice high standards of patient care.In some special scenarios a patient may require an open-heart surgery a second time.


Although open Heart surgery today is available at quite a few centres in India but only a handful of them perform redo cardiac surgery. For a cardiac surgeon to achieve success in redo cardiac surgery is a testament to high standard of surgical skills and patient safety achieved by him.


Surgeons doing successful redo cardiac surgery are very few and stand a class apart. It is not a surprise that these surgeons have the best results in all their heart surgeries.Initially the family of patient was very scared but as the condition continued to deteriorate, seeing the suffering of their father the patients’ children decided in favor of second Open Heart Surgery.


However, this was more easily said than done. Most of the hospitals refused surgery for this patient as it was Redo Cardiac Surgery and they lacked the expertise. Very few hospitals agreed to perform but gave a very high risk. Also, the charges quoted were very high and beyond reach for patients family.The patient’s family did not know where to go and kept running from pillar to post. The patient’s nephew had previously worked as anaesthesia technician in operation theatre of olive hospital and had seen Dr Syed Nasheed Ali perform many successful cardiac surgeries. He recalled that Dr Nasheed Ali had performed a very similar redo surgery for a patient from Sudan.


The patients family along with his nephew met Dr Nasheed Ali . When Dr Nasheed first saw the case, the patient was in heart failure and was not suitable to withstand
surgery. He prescribed medicines for the patient to stabilize him. It took almost three months for the patients condition to improve so that he can withstand this
major surgery. As a special case the hospital management decided to go out of way and support this surgery . The cardiology team at Olive Hospital consisting of Dr
Krutik, Dr Asif, Dr Aijaz and Dr Aamer played an important role in preoperative workup and stabilization.


 Dr Syed Nasheed Ali, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Olive Hospitals., Said, “Due to previous open-Heart surgery the patient’s heart had developed adhesions to the surrounding structures, most importantly the chest bone. This occurs after all cardiac surgeries, making second surgery challenging. During redo cardiac surgery there is a risk of injury to heart as it is stuck to chest bone. Hence, we have to use special instruments to open the chest bone. In this patient two valves were badly damaged.One valve (Mitral Valve) needed replacement with an artificial prosthetic heart valve.


The other (tricuspid valve) however was repairable but would need a prosthetic ring.The team did an in-depth study of the case and did essential investigations like 2echo, TEE, CT scan and angiogram. After all these results were completed, surgery was finalized. The most difficult part of surgery was opening the chest bone as the heart was directly underneath the bone and stuck to it. The next important step was to identify the various parts of heart as these parts were stuck to surrounding structures because of previous open-heart surgery.


The patient was then placed on heart-lung machine. The damaged mitral valve was removed and replaced with artificial prosthetic valve. Next the leakage in tricuspid valve was repaired using artificial prosthetic ring. The surgery lasted for 6 and a half hours. During this period


Anesthesia for the patient was provided by team of three Anaesthetists headed by Dr Pasha. He was helped by Dr Asif and Dr Aqsa.” At the end of this marathon surgery the entire team was physically exhausted but were overjoyed to accomplish this difficult task successfully. They thanked Almighty Allah for helping them achieve this and giving a new life to the patient. Olive Hospital is becoming a center of choice for many specialties. The Cardiac surgery team at Olive Hospital is fast gaining recognition as the team with the most successful results. This team is led by Dr Syed Nasheed Ali who has done more than 1000 open Heart surgeries at Olive hospital alone. This team believes in doing the very best for all their patients and make their heart surgery safe and successful.



Dr. Syed Nasheed Ali
MS (Gen. Surgery), MCh. (Cardio Thoracic Surgery)
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Olive Hospitals

Dr. Nasheed Ali is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon who was trained from prestigious NIMS and has done advanced training in Adult Cardiac Surgery from the prestigious University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Nasheed is one of the few surgeons who practices Arterial Revascularization for Coronary Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG). Arterial Revascularization for CABG gives patients the greatest possible long-term benefit of CABG with the same low peri- operative risk and morbidity that is currently being achieved with conventional CABG.


Dr. Nasheed completed MBBS from Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University in 2003 and later pursued and completed MS in General Surgery from renowned Swami Ramanand teerth Marathwada University, Nanded in 2008. Dr. Nasheed completed MCh (Cardio Thoracic Surgery) from prestigious Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad in 2008. He was previously associated with Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Medicity Hospitals and Yashoda Hospitals. He has also been a Locum Consultant at King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah, SA. Dr. Nasheed has written several original articles and his works have been published in many national and international journals. He is a member of Medical Council of India (MCI).


His areas of special interest and expertise are in Adult Cardiac Surgical procedures
 Heart Valve Surgery
 Surgery for AV Aneurysm
 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries (MICS)
 Aortic Surgery

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About Olive Hospitals


Olive Hospitals first opened its doors in August 2008 with a humble beginning. The hospital made its mark with its modest set up in May 2010. Over the years,encouraged by the overwhelming response of the patients and physicians, Olive Hospitals became a full-fledged 250-bed Super-Specialty Hospitals with many breakthroughs in Cardiac Procedures, Emergency Care, Neuro Care, Kidney Care,Urology, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements, Advanced Diagnostics & Interventional Services, Gynaecological Services and many more. Adopting a cutting-edge approach, Olive Hospitals evolved as a regional centre of excellence in medicine providing the highest standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society.


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