'ZOYLO' reaches people through digital healthcare on World Health Day

by Marshaneil Soumi D'Rozario

zoylo reaches people through digital healthcare on world health day
 Digital healthcare for medical and wellness

The World Health Day on 7 th April, 2018 is dedicated to provide universal health coverage to all. This year is celebrated as WHO's 70th anniversary. The World Health Day will target on "Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere" - ensuring that everyone, everywhere can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship. ZOYLO is the latest and one of the most promising entities in digital healthcare domain in India offering a comprehensive range of services that targets to meet the entire basic and advanced medical & wellness needs of the people. ZOYLO harbors the vision to cover every single entity of quality healthcare under one umbrella. Leading the healthcare wing of the digital India, the company is contributing towards a healthier India with its every single step. ZOYLO being the leading digital healthcare with its technical excellence is now touching the masses through its free health check-up campaign that caters to the most basic and prevalent healthcare need of the day. Mr. Vinod Kumar Reddy, Founder & CEO at ZoyloDigihealth Pvt Ltd shares his valuable opinion in this context.

   How can digital heath care be patient friendly and ensure good care ?


   The online market has become more user driven in the recent years. Digital Healthcare doesn’t lag behind too. Though,      conventional healthcare still captures the lion’s share of the market, it is considered expensive and complicated. This is where digital healthcare comes into picture simplifying healthcare for the patients ensuring care and convenience. With digital platforms, healthcare is coming to people as their choice and not as a compromised solution due to lack of resources or options. It is time saving, effortless, and more affordable now. Online consultation has eased the life of people while maintaining their privacy. Healthcare is on our mobile apps now and there are facilities like remote care, EMR, online medicines and transparency in care costs. Gradually the digital healthcare industry is getting user-friendly and agile with the implementation of right technologies. Use of latest digital technologies, IoT enabled healthcare devices and their remote monitoring, virtual interactions and exchange of information among various healthcare entities will ensure good care in the coming days and will take healthcare to the next level.  


   Can patients opt for second opinion, if they are not convinced with the diagnosis ?


Definitely, the patients can opt for second opinion on our platform that offers a huge pool of doctors across multiple locations in India. The patient can go for a second opinion with their choice of doctors considering their experience, profile, and accessibility. There are few doctors and hospitals available on our platform who provide second opinion free of cost. The quick online appointment booking services through Zoylo app or web enables our users to get immediate access to the service providers for second opinion as per their varying needs and preferences.  


  How do you plan to make it accessible to all groups ?


The very purpose of our platform is to be accessible to every segment of the users meeting their varying healthcare, medical or wellness requirements. That is why, we have listed doctors and service providers from different genres like Allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, therapeutical and meditative treatment, and wellness services. We have also taken care to include doctors from private independent clinics to big reputed hospitals, independent practitioners, and visiting doctors so that people coming from different stratum of the society can search and find the service providers as per their preferences. Our diverse range of services cater to the demographically varying user base who can choose doctors, labs, treatment packages, and other services based on the experience, location, cost, and facility of the service providers mentioned on our platform. We further ensure our reach to all the groups by stretching our roots from metros to tier II and tier III cities of India. We further plan to expand our services to the remotest locations in our country.


   How do you think ‘Zoylo healthcare’ will help in changing lives of people ?

“Zoylo healthcare” aims at making healthcare easily accessible to all by offering end-to-end healthcare and medical solutions under one roof. It is bringing change in the lives of people by empowering them with their choice of care at their convenience. Availability of quality healthcare at the fingertips through its rich platform and hybrid app is now changing the way people seek healthcare services. Also, the transparency we offer to our users in terms of complete information about the services available is giving them more confidence on the services they avail. With our digital platform, now they have more choices, more information and greater accessibility to a number of healthcare services. They can find and book services on the go which is adding great value to today’s
busy generation.

 I must add that we don’t believe in being only a platform offering services, we also believe in generating awareness to change the perception of people towards healthcare which ultimately will change their lives. We work towards community healthcare emphasizing on preventive care so that people can understand the true meaning of being healthy. 


   What initiatives are taken by your company on ‘World Health day’ ?


We have initiated our first community welfare program on World Health Day 2018 by facilitating a free health check-up camp in association with the best doctors and clinics across India. Abiding by the WHO’s goal of a world where everyone has access to the healthcare services they need, we are trying our bit to contribute towards a healthy India through this campaign that gives free access to preventive healthcare. This initiative “HealthForAll” is also in line with WHOs purpose of “universal healthcare for all” and it aims at generating awareness on preventive healthcare among the masses. People can avail free health check-up along with doctor consultation at a nearby clinic across all major cities. We have on-board the best of doctors from different parts of India who are rendering their free services to people booking online appointment through our portal or app. Our thrust is on maximum coverage of people who could get benefitted through this free health campaign. We believe this one-day health camp will bring lasting changes in the mindset of people making them more aware towards preventive healthcare.


   What is your message on the ‘World Health Day’ ?


On this World Health Day, I would like to say that “let good health be a lifelong celebration”. We need good health every day to celebrate every other occasion of our life. World Health Day is only a reminder, that you need to take care of your health always, every day so that you remain healthy and in your best spirit. Preventive health check-ups are the best ways to take care of your health and protect it from any impending illnesses. So, spend some time to get your primary health screenings done. There is no point squandering away your money after already being affected by an illness. Remember “All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health”. 

 Disclaimer: Welthi.com does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here, and the results may vary from person to person. Read more
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