Your Guide to Utilize the Best of Ramzan Fasting

by Zareen Afridi | 15 Jun 2018

your guide to utilize the best of ramzan fasting
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Your Guide to Utilize the Best of Ramzan Fasting


In the psychological context, fasting is a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink or both for a period of time. Muslims around the world fast in this month of Ramzan to detox the body of accumulated toxins, fats and relieve the mind from stress and anxiety.

Fasting is considered a tedious and often a scary process not only for non-Muslims but for few Muslims as well. It requires one to abstain from food, drink and sexual activity from pre-dawn to dusk, every day for one month. For some, it may sound bizarre but it is one of the best therapies of detoxification in the world, observed by Muslims every year for centuries.

Hunger, by definition, is not the need of wanting food to fill your belly but rather it is a feeling. Just like the happy or sad feeling, excitement, and the anxious feeling. Like a feeling, it passes. It comes up, shakes you (and that too initially if you are new to it) and then subsides.


Preparing for Ramzan


Ramzan fast always begin from pre-dawn to dusk. Pre-dawn is about one and a half hour before sunrise. So you have to set your biological clock accordingly where you get up at least two and a half hours before sunrise, have a proper meal that includes fibers, potassium, carbs, vitamins and dairy and then head on. Do not forget to drink two glasses of water before the meal, one glass of water in between and the other post meal. Generally, this is considered as the last meal of a day.


Daily activities can continue the way they do. Of course, you do not have to overexert yourself as the energy that is tapped should not be expensed in one go. Those going to office or college may resume their work but should keep a check on their health. A nap in the afternoon is necessary if u didn’t have a complete night’s sleep the previous night. It is also vital to spread the tapped nutrients and vitamins to all parts of the body, including the brain and that can only be done so when the brain is at rest mode.


By the time evening sets in, you are only a few hours away from ending your fast. These last 2 hours of the evening is the difficult part. But this also depends if it is your first Roza, 7th, 15th or 27th Roza. Those who have totally excelled in their Roza feat find the last two hours as the most energetic time of the day as there is a sudden bout of energy flow and exceptional presence of mind.


As the sun sets, set by the beautiful scenery of the sky, there is an even more beautiful thing, called 'dastarkhwan’, the food mat that has all your favorite delicacies on display. Food shouldn't be hogged up just because you haven't had a single morsel for the entire day. It will do nothing but create a drama inside your 'oh-so-quiet’ tummy. Relax.  Start with a date, quarter glass of water, fruits and then things of your choice. Include as much homemade food as possible and least of canned, processed, junk or aerated food and drink as possible.


Ramzan Analysis: Decoding week-wise


 Week 1: They say that the first couple of days are the difficult ones and then it gets easy. Umm, not quite so. The first two days are the best two days because you are super duper excited about it. If you have been looking up for it for the whole year and finally it arrives, fasting will be a whiff of fresh air. After two days, it sets in. The hunger pangs subside and since you have got so many other things to do, food and water are the last things you can think of.


 Week 2: If you had been keeping a close check, your chest and waistline will show a slight decrease. Here muscle fat is dissolving and releasing, leaving you with only lean muscle mass.


 Week 3: Your mental abilities would sharply increase. You plan your daily schedule easily in your head by remembering and executing, most of the tasks. This is a phase of cognitive development.


 Week 4: Your body and mind will be in sync with one another. There is a lot of peace of mind, so focusing on a thing becomes easy. Your body reaches its most normal and perfect state. The bodily proportions remain in perfect ratio where nothing is bulging and nothing is leaning. You get the perfect body you always wanted without having to sweat a drop at the gym. No wonder this is one of the best therapies in the world.

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