Watch Over You - India’s First Completely Integrated 24/7 Emergency Rescue Service

by Marshaneil Soumi D'Rozario | 22nd Nov, 2018

watch over you  indias first completely integrated 24 7 emergency rescue service
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In India, we lose millions of lives every year due to lack of Emergency care. Accidents, Medical Emergencies, Personal Safety Incidents can occur at any time and to anyone. As compared to developed countries, there is no single system which manages emergency medical services in India. There are different emergency numbers in India’s 28 states and seven Union Territories. Hospitals in the country provide different telephone numbers for ambulance services. Clearly, India is in need of a proper emergency medical service that can be accessed from anywhere in the country. The existing fragmented system falls terribly short of meeting the demand. A Delhi based NGO, Gift Of Life Foundation, is trying to change that scenario.



With the motto: “EVERY LIFE MATTERS”, they have started Watch Over You. According to Co-Founder and CEO, Vineet Jain, “Our aim is to simplify the process of looking for help in any critical situation: Personal safety / Accident / Medical Emergency. All you need to do is press 1 button and help is on the way!!”


No need to panic or BEG passers-by for help:


The Emergency Rescue System is provided through a mobile application, which is available for the Users and their Responders and Ambulance Team.  It is like an Uber or Ola system to get HELP.


Not just Medical Emergency cases, but the app is also useful for women, children and elderly, who face instances of harassment, stalking, possible physical violence and other issues which have the potential to harm their safety.


How it works:


It is very simple. When you press the SOS button, the app takes your location and sends it to the nearest Trained Responder and Ambulance who immediately leave for your location. In the meantime, the  Call Center will contact you and assess the level of emergency.


While this happens, an alert is sent to your Emergency Contacts, Friends, Family members, and Social Contacts. It can also send the alert to your Company HR and your colleagues if they have opted for this service as a corporate package.


Moreover, the app also allows you to connect with Government departments and agencies for an added level of safety, and take a video/audio of the incident.


Watch Over You claims to be India’s 1st Completely Integrated Private Emergency Rescue Service. According to Co-Founder, Mr. Sumit Gupta, “Our inspiration comes from the Emergency Rescue provided by 911 service in the USA, which is a complete solution in emergencies”. This App has more useful features like a Nearby support system, Community section, and more importantly, a “Guardian Angel” feature called Watch Over Me, with which you can ask family and call center to monitor you if you are traveling late at night or not feeling safe or secure due to any reason.


Watch Over You has recently been recognized and awarded the “Best Life-Saving Innovation Award, 2018”, and their services will be available in 10 more cities apart from Delhi and NCR where they are currently operational. They may be far from a single, national emergency response system, but Watch Over You seems to be a good first step in getting there.

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