Health Tips to Handle Your Health During Election Campaigns

by The Welthi Bureau | 03rd Dec, 2018

tips to handle your health during election campaigns
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A political campaign should be a well-organized effort to influence the decision-making process of every voter. This election season every politician is exposed to varied kind of health abuses. That can be Physical, Mental and Emotional.


Terrible weight loss or gain, lethargy, dehydration, vocal cord injury, sunstroke, heat stroke, respiratory issues due to pollution, digestive issues due to improper and unhygienic food practises, headaches, hyperacidity, migraine, urinary tract infections, eye problems, hearing impairments, skin allergies, contact infections, muscular weakness, myalgia, joint pains, aggravations of existing diseases due to extra strain and improper medicine intake etc. etc., can cause physical trauma.


Mental stress, the social stigma of Opposition’s accusations; depression or aggression, anxiety, OCD, confusion, suspicions, doubts, addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and other narcotics; insomnia, etc., can shake or shatter mental stability.


Excessive mood swings, fear psychosis, extensive thinking, daydreaming, unpredictable behavioral patterns, etc., can undermine emotional equilibrium.



 Ayurvedic Health Tips for our future policymakers:


Drink adequate (at least 5-8 liters) pure water a day


Have a good sound sleep without any disturbances and interruptions


Build resilience


Control alcohol and caffeine intake


Adhere to healthy and balanced eating patterns


Avoid infections


Plan and schedule activities well in advance to avoid stress


Try to do breathing exercises whenever possible in a clean environment


Ensure adequate protection from sun, wind, rain, and pollution.


Keep your stress levels in check


Exercise regularly  


Give your body and mind a break from time to time through rest and recreation


Take your medicines on time


Maintain a cool relaxed mind in all situations. No over exhilaration and no over dejection


Spend some quality time with your loved ones




Listen to soulful music


Avoid sudden change of temperatures


Take a power nap whenever and wherever possible

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