Tips to avoid binge eating during festive season

by Praanav Dasarathi | 26 DEC 2017

tips to avoid binge eating during festive season
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With the festive season on, there’s a plethora of parties and occasions that involve eating cookies, gift baskets full of food everywhere, bowls of peppermint bark, peppermint hot chocolates beckoning and needless to say dinners and luncheon. In addition to it the cold weather and craving warm comfort food tempts us to overindulge in binge eating.


All of this food can make you feel irresistible against its allure and a binge can feel inevitable. It’s not hat these are harmful foods but you might feel as though you’ve begun eating without even making a conscious choice to.

You might yourself so much shrouded in the web of temptation that keeps you very much on a spree of binge eating subconsciously.


Which is why December to new year time could be a month of binge eating. Overstuffed and out of control?


Few tips you can follow are:




There are lot many children who are tipping the scales, spilling out of their jeans and heading down a dangerous, unhealthy path.


1) When it’s time to eat, Eat


Talking is fine even encouraged at meal times. Just make sure your kids sit down to eat at the table but not in front of T.V or while playing a video game. It’s too easy to lose conscious while eating and it might lead to obsessive eating.


2) Be a brilliant role model


If you curl up with a bag of buttered popcorn or any junk food to watch T.V, your child will ape you in a heart beat. So try avoiding such things and be a role model


3) Get rid of sweet drinks


They have zero nutrition. Make your house a no-soda zone-your dentist will adore you- and would help restrict energy drinks too serve water or nonfat with meals instead.


Middle aged


1) Don’t use the impending new year as an excuse to binge


 No I will lose 10 pounds  New Years resolutions this year. Each morning, when you wake up set a mini goal by telling yourself, I will allow myself to sample some office goodies intentionally and consciously but not binge on them,” or I will do meditation to control myself.



2) Consult a physician at the early stage


If you are over eating try to keep track if that is a normal habit. Because most of eating disorders begin when teenagers don’t pay heed to harmful affects. Be cautious and discuss with your friend




1) Recollect any bad experience you had with over eating


There might be an incident that had made you feel sick or anything that caused diarrhoea or nauseating feeling in your past. So whenever you feel like overindulging in the foodies just recollect that bitter experience which would unknowingly make you feel like not eating anymore. This like a psychological hack to protect yourself from overeating.


2) Focus on people rather than food


Before holiday parties or luncheons, make sure that you’ve eaten before you go so

that you are able to focus on the people around you rather than the food. If you find that you are too conscious about food, take some time to breath and try to reminisce. on someone interesting.


Senior citizens


Eating disorder is not just confined to youth but in old aged people too. Most of them over eat during festive seasons.


1) Don’t drink too much at holiday functions


Binge drinking is a prelude to binge eating. It immediately brings you into an unconscious state which then does not allow you to have a choice to choose any food.


2) Avoid processed foods


Avoid over eating of processed foods at parties with artificial colours and preservatives which have harmful effect more in olde aged people

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