The perfect diet plan to lose 4 -5 kg weight in 7days

by Marshaneil Soumi D’ Rozario | 19th Nov, 2018

the perfect diet plan to lose 4 to 5 kg weight in 7days
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Obesity is described as a condition of the body which is characterized by storage of excessive fat in the adipose tissue. The major cause of obesity is the consumption of excess food (calorie) in comparison to our physiological needs.


Certain types of eating habits (overeating) lead to consuming more calories than you burn, thus resulting in obesity. Nibbling between meals, fast eating/ taking less time for chewing, eating when surrounded with food rather than actually being hungry, attending frequent business lunches, eating the leftover foods of other family members, eating outside food very frequently, eating more of junk food, eating too many sweets during festive occasions, eating processed, concentrated and high fat food; emotional eating, consumption of sugar added beverages, personnel who work in different shifts, whose body clock is disturbed—all these result in overeating. Overeating (consuming more calories) is not the only cause of obesity. The body’s hormonal and metabolic regulation system also plays a major role. Hormones play an integral role in metabolism and your body’s ability to use energy.


Shweta Diwan, Dietician and founder of Slimage Diet Clinic and Aum Sharnam shares an Indian diet plan to lose weight in one week. She said, “If you are looking to lose weight, it is important to understand that it may not be an easy process. It needs hard work, willpower, and patience to lose weight and cut down belly fat. While it may be a gradual process, some people may not have the patience to wait till long to shed some kilos; especially, when you have to attend a wedding”.


Day 1- Empty Stomach- 3-4 pepper seeds plus a glass of water


Breakfast till 9 am: Lobia chaat (1-1 ½ bowl) + tea/coffee without sugar


Mid Morning: ½ orange


15-20 minutes before lunch: a cup of water +2-3 pinches of cinnamon powder


Lunch till 1:30 pm: Lobia chaat ( 1 -1 ½  bowl) + Salad + Green Chutney


Evening till 5:30 – Tea /Coffee + 4-5 tsp Bhuna Channa


Pre -Dinner 6:30 to 7 pm - 4 Prunes


Dinner 8:30 pm: 200 gram of plain squeezed dhokla + Sprouts + Salad


Post dinner – 1 Tsp of Apple Vinegar + 1 cup of Water + Mint Leaves.


Day 2- Empty Stomach-2 tsp of Amla Water Diluted in ½ cup of warm water.


o   Breakfast- 2 Rajmah Vegetable Tikki cooked on non-stick pan with less oil + Green Chutney and Tea/Coffee (No Sugar)


o   Mid Morning: Lemon water + 7 Almonds


Lunch:  2 vegetable Moong Dhal Cheela + Green Chutney + Salad


Evening:  10 Makhanas + Tea/coffee


Pre -Dinner- Vegetable Soup (No Butter)


Dinner: Rajmah Chaat  + Salad


Post-Dinner-Lemon Water without sugar.


Day 3- 1 cup of water + ½ tsp of ginger juice


Breakfast:  2-3 egg whites + Tea/Coffee+ ½ bowl of Sprouts


Mid – Morning:  Lemon Water


Pre-Lunch- A cup of green coffee


Lunch: Black Channa Chaat +150g of Chicken+ Salad


Evening: Tea/ Coffee + 1-2 Marie Biscuits.


Pre-Dinner: 4 Prunes


Dinner: 2-3 egg whites + 1 Wheat Bread Toast + Salad


Post Dinner: 2 tsp of Amla Juice diluted in a cup of water.


Day 4- Empty Stomach: 3-4 black pepper seeds plus a glass of water


Pre-Breakfast: A cup of Green Tea


Breakfast: 1 Veg Sprouts Chilla + Green Chutney + Tea/Coffee


Mid Morning:  Fruit


Pre-Lunch: Green Coffee


Lunch: Multi Grain Roti + Vegetable (Potatoes+sprouts)


Evening: Tea/Coffee + Bhuna Channa (1 bowl)


Pre-Dinner:  4-5 Prunes


Dinner: Up to 200 grams chicken + salad/soup (roasted/grilled/baked/steamed)


Post Dinner:  1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in warm water


Day 5 -  Empty Stomach: 2-3 tulsi leaves soaked overnight with one cup of water


Pre-Breakfast: A cup of green coffee


Breakfast: 2-4 Boiled Egg Whites + Tea/Coffee


Mid Morning:  Coconut Water + 7 Almonds


Lunch: Sprouts + Soup + 1 Wheat Brown Bread toast


Evening:  Tea/Coffee + Bhuna Channa Chaat


Pre-Dinner: Soup


Dinner:180 grams of Fish + Salad


Post Dinner:1 cup of water +juice of ½ a lemon


Day 6- Empty Stomach-: 2-3 Black pepper seeds + glass of Water


Breakfast:  1 Veg Besan Chilla + Tea/Coffee + ½ orange


Mid-Morning: Lemon Water + 2 Walnuts


Lunch : Sprouts/ Lobia Chaat + Soup + Salad


Evening: Tea/Coffee and 40 grams of paneer


Pre – Dinner: 3-4 Prunes


Dinner: Cauliflower rice + 2-3 boiled eggs


Post Dinner: 1 tsp of Apple Cidar Vinegar with warm water


Day 7- Empty Stomach: 2-3 tulsi leaves soaked overnight with one cup of water


Breakfast: 1 Paneer Stuffed Roti + Tea/Coffee


Mid Morning- Water of 2 coconuts + 2 walnuts


Pre -Lunch: A cup Green Coffee


Lunch:  1 Veg Moong Daal Chilla + Green Chutney + Salad


Evening: Bhuna Channa Chaat + Tea/ Coffee


Pre -Dinner: Soup


Dinner: 180 grams chicken + Salad + Soup


Post Dinner: 2 tsp amla juice diluted in warm water.

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