Stay active as you age

by Muskaan Mehta | 13 JAN 2018

stay active as you age
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The aging body requires strength. This strength in the body comes from the core muscles of the body. Sonia Narang, Wellness Expert, Oriflame India gives a peak in the subject.



Strengthening your core muscles.



It’s one of the best ways to ensure you stay active and independent as you age. That’s because your core muscles are critical for nearly every move you make from bending and reaching to twisting and standing.



Q.What are core muscles ?




The area of the body , which is commonly referred to as the core ,is your muscles in the area including the front back and the sides.The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA) ,erector spinae, obliques ,and your lower lats. The core is the collective term used to describe the muscles that control your spine , specifically your abdominals ,waist and lower back.




Q.Which part of your body is core ?



The major muscles of the core reside in the area of belly and the mid and Lower back (not the shoulders), and peripherally include the hips ,the shoulders and the neck.



Q.How must it be strengthened ?




A strong core is important for runners and swimmers.Your body twisted with every footstep or every stroke ,so need to keep your torso steady and strong.Your core is connected to your arms and legs , controlling your core helps to pull your arm through the water or stabilize your leg on the ground. Without a strong core you can't swim or run your best.A strong core is essential to delivering the powerful hit.



Core -strength exercises strengthen your core muscles ,back muscles and pelvis.



 Q.which exercises help?



Knee fold tuck



Climbing rope



Side balance crunch



Circle plank



Sliding pike



Oblique reach




Q.Basic level core training exercises :



Plank Hold



Hips don't dance mountain climber



Dead Bug



Q.How effective is exercise and does it also require reduction in diet?




The problem seen by many is that once the core muscles are to be made strong it requires good food intake? How can one have a strong core and eat less? Hence what are the foods that one must opt for?




Avoid the followings :



Whole milk



commercial peanut butter



Diet foods






Processed cheese






Artificial sweetener



High sugar breakfast cereals



Ice cream



Refined flour









Bakery products and Processed food


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