STAR hospital helps Man lose 125kgs with Bariatric Surgery

by The Welthi Bureau | 7 JULY 2018

star hospital helps man lose 125kgs with bariatric surgery
 Samyodhin with Dr. B. Narasaiah

We’ve all been there. A pair of pants that suddenly feels too tight. A flight of stairs, once an easy climb, that seems like a monumental trek. Your knees, hips and back hurt, and you’re tired all the time. 


These are all signs that your weight is creeping up. Yet, very few of us realise that as we gradually pile on the kilos, we’re growing closer to becoming an obesity statistic. Data released by the World Obesity Federation, a community of organisations dedicated to solving the problem of obesity, shows that the percentage of Indian adults living with obesity is set to jump to around 5% by 2025, from 3.7% in 2014.


At the age of 56, Samyodhin had suffered from obesity, breathlessness, sleeplessness and arthritis for a long period in his life. Weighing 210 kilos, he had extreme difficulty walking, and his condition made him miserable. He decided to seek treatment and visited Dr. B. Narsaiah, laparoscopic surgeon, on April 06th 2016, in STAR Hospitals. After some deliberation, Dr. B. Narsaiah performed laparoscopic and obesity surgery on Samyodhin. His weight dropped to a much healthier 85kgs.  


Samyodhin expressed his immense satisfaction, and explained that he made many efforts to reduce his weight, but was ultimately unsuccessful. His meeting with Dr. B. Narsaiah changed his life for the better, and he conveyed his sincere thanks to the doctor and his team.

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