Rise in the risk of Hypertension in young World Hypertension Day on 17th May 2018

by Dr. Praveen K Nandagiri | 17 MAY 2018

rise in the risk of hypertension in young world hypertension day on 17th may 2018
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Rise in the risk of Hypertension in young World Hypertension Day on 17th May 2018


With changing lifestyles, there is a rise in the health risks. Diabetes and Hypertension are two lifestyle diseases that are affecting the young people. The key is to identify the risks in time so that the complications can be avoided. Even occasional consumption of alcohol and smoking can also increase the risk of these diseases. 


Hypertension is seen in as many as one in three young individuals. It can also be referred as ‘silent killer’. Essential Hypertension is a condition seen in the individuals (<40 yrs) who are suffering with High BP. They can also have secondary hypertension which can be cured,to revert high BP and avoid target organ damage.High blood pressure is generally seen only in adulthood, so when we see children with this condition, it means that the child might have some other serious issue like kidney disease, obesity, hyperthyroidism or a heart problem.


Primary cause of Hypertension in the young is attributed to one of the following reasons – drugs, breathlessness, sleeping disorders, COPD, Hypo or Hyperthyroidism, Lifestyle modification – diet and nutrition, Renal parenchymal disease, heart disease, Cushing's syndrome, Aldosteronism (Production of excess aldosterone hormone), Pheochromocytoma (Tumor in adrenal glands).


So, when should you get investigated??? It is always suggested to get a general checkup done once in a year. However, people who have the following symptoms should always undergo a thorough investigation - Edema, breathlessness, inequality of pulses in upper and lower limbs, abnormal chest X-ray,acute stress, tachycardia,snoring, daytime sleeping,truncal obesity,high salt intake, excessive alcohol, constant headaches, excessive sweating, palpitations,weight gain,fatigue,muscle weakness, Amenorrhea,visual problems.


A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can always prevent diseases like Hypertension in young age. Avoiding excess salt, taking fruits as a part of diet daily, and brisk walking are some of the tips to improve health. Also, restricting smoking and the consumption of alcohol helps a lot along with the medication in case of Hypertension.


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