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quick facts about flat feet
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If you lack an arch in the middle of your foot, you are deemed to have flat feet. To discern this, you will have to look at the inside of your foot, to ascertain whether the middle is curved upward. You can stand before a full-length mirror, and look at your foot in profile, or wet your feet and then stand on a dry surface. If you follow the latter testing method, then you will know you have flat feet if the imprint of your foot is complete. If you have arched feet, then the imprint will be incomplete in the center.


Arches are created by the tendons, several of which work together to form this essential feature. When the tendons pull to the desirable extent, then your foot has a moderate arch. However, if the tendons fail to pull together properly, this causes flat feet.


Some children have flat feet, which rectify themselves and develop arches as the child grows older.


In adults, flat feet can be caused by the following:


•             A birth defect


•             Stretched or torn tendons


•             Damage or inflammation of the tendon which connects from your lower leg, along with your ankle, to the center of the arch.


•             Broken or dislocated bones


•             Rheumatoid Arthritis


•             Nerve problems


Obesity, diabetes, pregnancy and advanced age can also cause fallen arches.


The symptoms of flat feet are:


* Easily tired feet


* Pain in the arches and heels


* Swollen feet


* Difficulty in standing on one’s toes


* Back and leg pain


If you have flat feet, you can save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort by consulting your doctor who will tell you how to manage the condition.

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