Over 250 Patients get access to free Quality HIV Care at Sivananda Palliative Care Centre (SPCC)

by The Welthi Bureau | 29th Jan, 2019

over 250 patients get access to free quality hiv care at sivananda palliative care centre spcc
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GOOD NEWS - Experts say HIV Patients General Health Showing Improvement Due To Better Access and Compliance to ART Treatment


Hyderabad January, 2019: Mohan (Name changed) a 29-year-old Police Constable, was diagnosed with pulmonary TB in Oct, 2018.  An incidental HIV test in ICTC confirmed that he was HIV positive.


Shaken by the news and shattered, Mohan had already developed severe numbness in his lower limbs, was unable to walk, and went on sick leave.  Weak and feeble he was brought to the Sivananda Palliative Care Centre (SPCC) in Kukatpally, and was diagnosed to have HIV induced, Severe Sensory Motor Axonal Neuropathy.


At SPCC, he was stabilized and received multi-disciplinary treatment, a neurologist evaluated him, and he was put on intense physiotherapy, daily counselling and a healthy diet. Within 6 weeks of stay at SPCC, the young man was back on his feet and could walk. He resumed duty last month and is doing well ever since his discharge.


This month a family of 5 members from the City, all HIV + were moved to SPCC, by NGO Helping Hand Foundation, when several hospitals denied admission to a 6-year-old girl suffering from HIV and suspected diphtheria. Now 3 members of same the family, the father, mother and daughter are admitted for treatment and will stay there till their treatment is completed.


Several such heart rending stories fill the air at SPCC which offers succour to HIV positive patients who come in hope of treatment from all over the State.


Set up in the memory of Smt. Pingle Pramila Jagan Mohan Reddy, by her family members, and jointly run by Sivananda Rehabilitation Home & Helping Hand Foundation at Kukatpally - SPCC has provided quality health care to over 250 HIV patients in its first year of operations (24th January, 2018 – January 2019)


In the 250 plus patients treated, 4 terminally ill patients died, and the rest were all successfully treated. However, 10% to 15% returned with routine ailments, the SPCC spent roughly about Rs. 5000 to 6000 per patient.   


“The majority of the patients admitted in the Center were treated for opportunistic infections like TB, Uncontrolled Diarrhoea, Oral and Oesophageal Candidiasis and HIV induced Neuropathy, Epilepsy, Liver Disease and TB Meningitis,” said Dr. Sreedhar, Chief Medical Officer at SPCC.


Quality Care under one Roof

"The SPCC brings to the table quality and integrated Health Care for HIV /AIDS patients comprising Counselling, Physiotherapy, in house nutrition with clean and hygienic medical facilities and specialists from sister concerns within the same compound," said Mr. Vikram Dev Rao, Secretary Sivananda Rehabilitation Home.


 "With stigma and fear still largely prevailing, many HIV patients who are sick have to run from pillar to post for treatment in different hospitals, as all the facilities are not available under one roof.  This takes a toll not only on their purses but also their mental health, but after the launch of SPCC, HIV patients do not have to go through this ordeal,” said Mr. Mujtaba Hasan Askari, Helping Hand Foundation an operational partner in the Palliative Care project.


HIV Patients general health showing positive trend


Experts dealing in HIV Care state that the general health of HIV positive patients is showing marked improvement due to better access and compliance to ART medicine. With the prevailing HIV population of roughly 2 lacs in TS, only 0.1% of the patients availed the HIV Palliative Care in the first year.  “At SPCC this points to the fact that a larger number of HIV population has now access to ART treatment which is improving their general health,” said S. Ananth Reddy, Chief Administrator, SPCC.



Break up of Patients treated at SPCC





Out Patient







Average Stay of patient between 2 to 12 weeks


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