by Ruth Khanna | 19th Nov, 2018

optimise exercise stretch your workouts around the clock
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Working out at the gym for an hour or two every day can be a daunting prospect. In fact, it is unrealistic goals like this that lead to a sedentary life and its ultimate side effects – obesity, hormonal imbalances, etc. Just as taking in more frequent, smaller meals in a day can keep your metabolism at peak and ensure you cut down on calories, so also can small bouts of exercise more frequently through the day, keep you both healthy and trim.


Research continues to emerge supporting the fact that small bouts of exercise stretched across the day improve aerobic fitness and weight loss. Small bouts of exercise are also immensely doable and can involve a variety of enjoyable workouts. For instance, walking on a treadmill for an hour at a stretch can become a quite tedious day after day, but if you commit to a one-hour workout, broken into four short, fifteen-minute segments, the benefit will be much more. This is also far more advantageous in comparison to a one-hour long workout at the start, middle or end of a day, with long drawn out inactive periods for the rest of the time.


Beginning the day with a brisk fifteen-minute walk can help you derive much needed Vitamin D from the early morning sunlight, as well as promote a sense of wellbeing. There is nothing better than being outdoors at the start of a day. Fit in a cardio session on the treadmill for ten minutes just before noon, and follow it with a five-minute weight training session. The early evening is the perfect time to get in a short outdoor game like Badminton or basketball…or if this is not your thing, then jump rope for five minutes and do ten minutes of lunges, squats, and crunches.  You still have fifteen minutes left to burn on your exercise clock. You can use these on a brisk pre-dinner walk or dance aerobics. 


Stretching your exercise routine around the clock keeps you healthy and fit, and speeds up your metabolism so that you burn calories and don’t accumulate unhealthy fat. Plus, it’s a win-win option for anybody who doesn’t want to devote large chunks of time to one exercise routine but prefers shorter bouts of frequent exercise that involves more than one activity.

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