New Lease of Life to an International patient at MaxCure

by The Welthi Bureau | 12 APR 2018

new lease of life to an international patient at maxcure
 Patient with Dr Krishna Kiran, Dr Cahndra Sekhar and Dr Vikas of Maxcure Hospitals

 MaxCure hospital gave a new lease of life to a young 20-year-old male patient who came all the way from Somalia with a complex problem in his left hip. Patient Mr. Mohammed Eshan had several surgeries in Somalia for infection but everything went in vain. He upon some recommendation came to MaxCure, Madhapur after a Girdlestone Arthroplasty (removal of the femoral head). With help from the hospital and his fellow Somalian friends, a complex Right Total Hip Replacement was performed at Max Cure under the care of renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Krishna Kiran Eachempati and team.


Speaking at the press meet, Dr. Krishna Kiran Echempati, Director, Advanced Orthopaedics, MaxCure said, “Seeing a young boy suffering was very depressing. Upon investigations, we found that he had several surgeries for the infection in Somalia but nothing was fruitful. After he had Girdlestone Arthroplasty, the whole femur had migrated upwards (post-infection sequelae). In view of the patient was struggling to walk. He was a young and fit patient and just because of this his life was miserable.”


“Also, he comes from a very poor family to bear the costs of treatment. We from the hospital provided him some aid and also his fellow Somalian friends helped him. We performed a complex Right Total Hip Replacement. The patient had an excellent outcome and he is back on his feet and able to walk without any support. A new life was given to this young man after this surgery,” he added.


Mr. Mohammed Eshan, the patient from Somalia, said, “I never thought I will be back on my feet. Thanks to my friends and especially the team of doctors here. I went to multiple doctors for treatments, but the problem persisted. I started losing hope when I got to hear about MaxCure. Coming to India for treatment is a huge step for me as I need a lot of money for the treatment. My friends and the hospital helped me and I am happy I took a bold step.”

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