Mother gave a new lease of life to her 11/2 year old daughter

by The Welthi Bureau | 06 MAR 2018

mother gave a new lease of life to her 11/2 year old daughter
 Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director, Dr. Anurag Bhargava, CMO, along with the doctors who performed the surgery. Baby Fatima along with her mother (who donated her liver) were also present

Jaypee Hospital, a multi super speciality hospital in sector- 128, Noida organised a press conference today honouring a mother who gave a new lease of life to her one and half year old daughter by donating a part of her liver. The conference was organised to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and achievement of successfully performing 400 kidney and liver transplants at the hospital.


One and half year old baby Fatima from Iraq was suffering from Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis (CHF), a rare, congenital, inherited liver disorder which was treated through Hyper-reduced left lateral liver graft surgery on 18th January, 2018 by Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Consultant, Liver Transplant Department along with his team.  As the patient had cardiac issues as well she was treated by Dr. Ashutosh Marwah, Paediatric Cardiologist at the hospital while the pre transplant assessment and post transplant management was done by Dr. Vikram Kumar, Executive Consultant, Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, Senior Consultant, PICU department.


Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director, National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) was the Chief Guest and Dr. Anurag Bhargava, CMO, Gautam Budh Nagar was the Guest of Honour at the press conference. Dr. Vimal Bhandari  and Dr. Anurag Bhargava also felicitated the organ donors at the cconference. 


Stressing on the need for organ donation in India, Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director, NOTTO said, “According to organindia.org, for 5000 hearts required there are only 70 available donors. Similarly, only 7000 kidneys are available against a demand of 2 lakhs. In fact, India has one of the lowest count of organ donors in the world, 90% people in need of a critical organ to save their life end up facing death due to unavailability of donors. Donation of organ and tissue is a humanitarian act and there is no age limit on who can be an organ donor, as long as the person is healthy enough. People’s misconceptions and superstitions about organ donation have worsened the situation. Spreading awareness around the need to donate organs is the need of the hour. Commonly transplanted organs are kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and pancreas while the transplantable tissues are eye cornea, bone, skin, and heart valves. Thus a single donor can save the lives of a number of people”.


Explaining about the case of baby Fatima, Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary said, “Baby Fatima had jaundice soon after her birth which eventually got worse with time. After 6 weeks of her birth, she was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the liver, heart, and other parts of the body. After series of tests she was diagnosed with Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis (CHF).  This liver disorder affects the way in which the liver and bile ducts are formed. The patient had a stagnant weight of 6 kgs from 6 weeks of birth up till 1 year. She was not able to eat anything and was on liquid diet only. Baby Fatima also had cardiac issues; hence she was first treated by the Paediatric Cardiology team in the hospital.


Explaining baby Fatima’s heart condition, Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, Senior Consultant, PICU, Jaypee Hospital said, “The patient had a complicated heart background and the major problem was her age. One of the arteries that supplies blood to the lungs from heart was not fully developed in her and we were worried that it might just get difficult for her to come out of ventilator soon after the operation. But by god’s grace and the efforts of the teams of various departments the surgery was successful and she came out of ventilation too without any complications.”


Further adding, Dr. Abhideep said, “We performed Hyper-reduced left lateral liver graft surgery on baby Fatima. During the liver transplant surgery, we encountered another challenge. Due to Fatima’s age and weight, her body was not supporting the left lobe of her mother’s liver, so we had to reduce the liver of Hannah (Fatima’s mother) as per baby Fatima’s body requirement. Not only we dissected the liver but we also had to reduce the thickness of it during donor’s surgery and then transplant it. The patient is currently on immunosuppresants andother supportive medications.  Both, the patient and donor are recovering fast and are now fit to go back to their country.”



Dr. Amit Devra, Associate Director, Urology and Kidney Transplant Department, Jaypee Hospital said, “When a kidney operates at only 10% of its capacity, it is considered as a renal failure and in such cases either dialysis or kidney transplants are the only available options for the patients. People need to be made more aware about the organ donation and how they can save lives of many in need through that.”


Talking about chronic kidney diseases, Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt, Senior Consultant, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Department said, “Performing around 400 transplants in just three years is a record in itself. Our success is owed to the team of renowned doctors and cutting-edge technology here at Jaypee Hospital. Notably, the team has also performed critical surgeries including A.B.O. incompatible transplants, re- liver and kidney transplants, donors with multiple vessels, transplants for children, transplant between unmatched blood groups and patients with immunity imbalance etc.”



On the occasion, Jaypee Hospital also announced successful completion of 400 kidney and liver transplants at the hospital.  In a mere span of 3 years, Jaypee Hospital  gave a new lease of life not only to Indians but also to people from Mongolia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and various other African and Middle-eastern countries. Proving that women can go up to any extent while saving lives of their loved ones  a total of 212 women saved lives of their family members by donating their liver and kidney.

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