Men's Health Awareness Walk

by The Welthi Bureau | 07th October, 2018

mens health awareness walk
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Hyderabad, 7th October 2018: Many men do not take their health seriously. Men are too casual when it comes to their well-being and they do not usually visit the doctor. On the occasion of Prostate Cancer Awareness month, MaxCure hospitals added a new dimension to the awareness program by adding men’s health as a whole. Today, MaxCure Hospitals in association with Dr. Reddy’s and Urology society of Hyderabad conducted ‘Men’s Health Awareness Walk’. Principal Secretary IT and Industry Jayesh Ranjan who was the chief guest of the occasion flagged off the walk.


During the flag off, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan said, “There is a tremendous need for greater awareness and education about prostate problems. This walk is to advocate the importance of prostate health, educating the public about risk factors and symptoms, need for health screenings. Events like these will help educate the public about other prostate cancer factors, such as age, family history, ethnicity, and diet. I am glad to be a part of this walk. Also, it is important to remember that cancers not only threaten the life but also affects the whole family of the patient. So, it is always advisable to better be safe than safe.”


Men always ignore their health issues. For men, who take care of each and every need of the family do not have time for themselves. Especially in the aging population men, various problems can be seen. They can be categorized into symptoms which are called andropause similar to female’s menopause.


“It is critical to educate men about the importance of seeing a doctor and recognizing the symptoms of prostate problems. With this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, our goal is to help raise awareness not only with the general public about the disease but also help men who are living with the disease engage in a dialogue with their own doctors about any symptoms they experience that may be related to their prostate cancer. We want to make a difference by driving home the importance of knowing the risks of prostate cancer,” said Dr. Anil Krishna, Managing Director, MaxCure Hospitals.


Dr. AV. Ravi Kumar, HOD of Urology Department, MaxCure Group of Hospitals says, “Prostate cancer is detected in the early stage can be treated and cured. But in our country, early detection of prostate cancer is very less - 10 per one lakh population. Unfortunately, most of the patients in India come at a late stage where we can offer limited treatment.”


“A simple blood test called serum prostate-specific antigen can be done after the age of 50yrs. It helps us to detect prostate carcinoma at a very early stage. Hence, we request all the aging men and the young to get their parents to have a master health checkup annually. This will detect problems at an early stage leading to effective treatment,” he added.

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