by Suhani Dewra | 30th Jan, 2019

knee replacement a relatively affordable surgery
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In this third and last segment of the Knee Replacement series, Dr. Neelam V. Ramana Reddy speaks of the logistics around the surgeries.


What happens if arthritis in the knee is treated, and what happens if left untreated?


 Knee Replacement surgeries have been revolutionary. People who couldn't walk for 100 metres can, post-surgery, walk for 2 to 3 km every day.  Some of them are even comfortable playing various kinds of sports as well. They can travel, go abroad, and be on their own. The surgery promotes them from being wheelchair bound to being independent. If we didn't operate, the patients with Knee Arthritis would live a dependent life, which is hard, considering the fact that these days there is a concept of nuclear family and there is no help available at hand.


Any cap on the number of surgeries to be performed?


Well, that depends on how well the surgery is carried out. Usually, it can't be done more than 3 to 4 times.


Any precautions that the patients must take?


The patients must be active. They must exercise regularly to maintain the strength of the muscle. Also, there is a need to take calcium. Basically, the patient can lead a normal life except avoiding one or two activities such as sitting on the floor, or sitting with the legs crossed. If infection occurs anywhere in the body, the person in question must  quickly see a doctor.


How expensive is Knee Replacement?


For the surgery to take place, we get implants from abroad. Even if the number may sound big, the same cost has been maintained for close to 15 years ago, which indicates that the relative price is in the context of today. Usually, the insurance covers the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery.


Any medical advancement you wish to see in this field?


We are at a level where things are good. Perhaps, in the future, we may see patients feel totally normal - like there has been no surgery - after the surgery. This could be possible if the implant designs are improved. The current success rate is close to 90%, but we would like it to be 100%.


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