Junk that junk food!

by Sujatha Nanjundeshwara | 12 JAN 2018

junk that junk food
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What you eat as a child is what you will end up eating as an adult.



If you eat build healthy eating habits from childhood, its very likely you will continue the same habits as an adolescent & an adult as well!



This was one among the below feedback given by Dr Michael Gannon, the President of Australian Medical Association (AMA) in the AMA Position Statement on Nutrition 2018.



And what he has to say holds good not only for Australians, but the rest of the world as well.



Stop that ad : There are many channels to market that sugary drink or junk food in today’s global world. Radio. Television. Online media. Social media. Different apps.  All of which add up to make you feel as if eating junk food is normal and make you appear cool in the bargain. In fact during sporting events, children receive maximum exposure to junk food and alcohol advertisements all of which must be completely banned.



Load up on that water :  Whichever fast food outlet you go to pick up a combination meal, the default beverage provided to you is a sugary cola loaded with sugar. Why not opt for just plain water instead? You not only cut down on unhealthy calories but end up re hydrating your system as well.



Reformat that vending machine :  Whether it’s a hospital or any other healthcare facility, vending machines provide you with very limited healthy food choices. If they can be reprogrammed to offer you nutritious takeaways, well and good If not, you would be better off giving these machines a miss from a safe distance.



Eat healthy when pregnant : A child growing in a mother’s womb needs the right nutrients to grow into a healthy fetus. So a mother needs to make healthy food choices even before the child actually arrives into the world.



Clearer labels on food packets :  If that bag of chips showed you just how many grams of calories, salt and chemicals you were going to pour into your body, would you still reach for it? Probably not! As Dr Gannon suggests better food labeling is an absolute must to help the general public to distinguish between natural ingredients and artificial flavors & sweeteners.



Conduct food literacy programs : Do you know which vegetables & fruits have those vitamins and minerals to help build up your bones, improve your eyesight? Attending food literacy programs will definitely help you care for your body in an optimal manner.

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