Healthy meals for body energy

by Ranabir Bhattacharyya | 13 JAN 2018

healthy meals for body energy
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Dr. Vinitha Krishnan, who is a Nutritionist at the Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai discusses on how to plan a healthy meal with items that can provide energy to the body.



To maintain good health, healthy food is a must for any individual, be it young or adult. Defining healthy food is definitely an issue of perspective. One can definitely call healthy food as one component with all the nutrients in right proportion. It is also stated to be healthy, if it is cultivated, cooked, packaged and stored in a safe, acceptable and hygienic manner. Definitely, the very next issue which comes to the forefront is the possible correlation between healthy food and energy. Time to time, human body needs energy to work. There is a common misconception that not all food provides energy to human body. In reality, all food provides energy to the body, although the amount of energy provided by each food may vary.



 Having healthy food without a specific plan is not going to help proper functioning of human body. Specifically for that purpose, the whole idea of balanced diet has been prevalent. With a logical and scientific approach to intake of healthy food, balanced diet maximises the capability of an individual. Maintaining balanced diet is not easy either and there is also utter discussion on which food items are to be preferred for young or adults. Ideally, each meal should necessarily have a complex carbohydrate, vegetable or non-veg protein, uncooked and cooked vegetables, greens and curd or buttermilk- if vegan diet is followed by the concerned individual. Nowadays many people are over cautious with obesity or body weight and get confused which healthy food item to choose and which one to skip. Any food for that matter, be it a healthy choice or not, if taken in amounts more than that would be burnt for energy purpose will increase weight.



Getting instant energy is often a target especially when a person goes through a tough schedule:



Instant energy is from :



Simple sugars in food like fruit juices, dark chocolates, candies may serve as instant energy source.



Daily water intake is often a case of concern but any individual can have eight to ten glasses of water (2.5-3.0 litres) per day.



People on strict diet or specific regimes must have steamed or boiled food which will give lesser calories for the same portion which is otherwise deep fried or tossed with butter or ghee.

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