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With the increase in cases of depression, suicidal tendencies and destructive behavior amongst the youth today, the amount of time parents spend with their children is being called into question. Dr. Nagalakshmi Thupkar, Consultant Psychiatrist, KIMS Hospitals says, “Multiple behavioral issues are the main problem in children today, and this is because parents are too busy to spend quality time with their kids.”


With lifestyle expectations and demands escalating all the time, both parents are going out to work, and the latest device or fad takes the place of quality time spent with an understanding and supportive parent. The result of an unbalanced family life is, sadly, an emotionally unbalanced child and an even more emotionally unbalanced adult.


Parents need to be aware that their children’s feelings of self-worth are reinforced when they spent quality time with them. But what is Quality Time, that all-important commodity? It is one on one time with a child, without any distractions or devices, when the sole focus of the parent is on the child and vice versa.


In this era of cell phones, tablets and computers, we need to switch off our devices and switch on to the needs of our families, because the emotional wellbeing of children is directly linked to the availability of their parents in their day to day lives. In fact, Family Time creates a stronger emotional bond between parents and children, allows for better communication amongst family members, and has also been linked to improved performance in school, as children who spend time interacting with their parents are known to get better grades! In addition to this, children whose parents spend quality time with them, are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems.


Says Dr. Nagalakshmi, “Giving your children quality time, promotes proper brain development in their formative years and decreases stress. Parents need to lend a caring ear to their children and listen to what they are going through in school and with their peers. This helps in lessening the children’s stress and enables them to cope better with different problems.”



Think about this – Love is spelt T-I-M-E! If parents want to show their love for their children, it is more advisable to take them on a holiday than buy them the latest device. Time spent together as a family makes beautiful memories and builds character in a child.


“By the age of sixteen an individual’s personality is set, so if a parent wants their child to have a good, strong character, then they need to invest time in their early years. Every minute spent with your child is like a brick being laid in the foundation to their stable future,” says Dr. Nagalakshmi.

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