Dynamic Healthcare Entrepreneur award

by The Welthi Bureau | 23 DEC 2017

dynamic healthcare entrepreneur award
 Mr. Rajiv Nath awarded – “Dynamic Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2017”

Mr. Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator of Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) and Jt. Mg. Director of Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd (HMD) was voted winner of the Healthcare Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 category. He was awarded at the prestigious 10th Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Power Brand Healthcare Leadership Awards 2017 organized by Network 7 Media Group on 22nd December, 2017 at the Grand Jade Ball Room of Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai



Indian healthcare industry today is facing the extreme challenges of complex issues such as healthcare access, affordability & quality.



Mr. Rajiv Nath was honoured for his achievements in the field of healthcare entrepreneurship. His eminence, and dynamic leadership to drive innovations and contributions in medical devices for healthcare has helped India to carve out a niche for itself in the global map. He has demonstrated remarkable & exceptional performances in setting the agenda & road maps for the future healthcare by setting an exemplary & inspiring entrepreneurial competency & leadership in the healthcare industry.



He has driven with passion in building HMD as most prominent & key player in India & abroad in the manufacturing & supply of Syringes, Needles, I.V.Cannulas, Safety I.V.Cannulas, Surgical Blades, Safety Scalpels, Scalpvein Sets, Nonreusable (AD)Syringes, Blood collection tubes and blood collection systems etc.etc.



The award was adjudged by a jury of eminent personalities associated with public and private healthcare, government establishments and healthcare consultancies. The award highlighted the contribution of a personality who has been able to set up a new mark in the healthcare industry with a unique philosophy and by following a distinctive approach.



Mr. Rajiv Nath also gave a presentation on “Quality in Healthcare & Making Ethical choices” highlighting serious issues of Indian healthcare sector:




Addressing 70% import dependency



Lack of trust in Indian Medical Device



Reliance on 3rd Country regulations



Incomplete regulations discouraging  investments



Need for promoting voluntary ICMED certification



Respect for Indian medical devices



Ethics in Manufacturing &    Healthcare



Patient Friendly Pricing



He also shared his vision to position India among the top 5 manufacturing global hubs of medical devices and place India in the top 5 list of Medical value travel destinations globally.



The visibly elated Mr. Rajiv Nath said “I am very happy to receive this award as it validates the contribution and efforts made by us at HMD and at AIMED and AISNMA to better the healthcare sector of the country. I have always been motivated by my father to follow sincere and fair business values. This award is an appreciation of the hard work and dedication we have made towards transforming the healthcare sector in India. I thank the teams of all three organisations who were always behind me, supporting my vision and working relentlessly to meet our common goal.”



We are thankful to Network 7 Media Group who recognized our contribution and honoured us with the prestigious award,” said Mr Rajiv Nath.



“Pharma leaders Power Brand Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards that acknowledge and honour individuals and organizations for their accomplishments using healthcare innovations to deliver the best value in achieving specific goals and objectives,” said Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Network 7 Media Group.



Recently Rajiv Nath was in the news for leading the bold unprecedented step to self-regulate the Max Trade Margins of Syringes and Needles to maximum 75% in AISNMA, the All India Syringes and Needles Manufacturers Association to address the criticism on excessive Max Retail Prices of Syringes and Needles.

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