by The Welthi Bureau | 11th Feb, 2019

dont block out the sun completely
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It would seem that nowadays our very life force is being regarded as a major enemy to good health. Yet we cannot live without the sun, and we, therefore, need to expose our bodies to the sunlight or else suffer the negative effects of sunlight deprivation.


Yes, it is not safe to overexpose oneself to sunlight, due to the threat of skin cancer from ultraviolet rays, but to hide away in a darkened room expecting that to be health-promoting, is, in fact, going to cause untold harm.


Looking back at ancient times, sunbathing was an integral part of some cultures, including in India and Greece. Today, of course, we have been cautioned about the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation, little realizing that there is some ultraviolet radiation that can actually cure some diseases. And here’s another reason why at least some exposure to the sun is important. It is because sunlight offers a multitude of health benefits.


For a start, Sunlight actually maintains your blood pressure, manages the release of insulin and converts fat and carbohydrates into energy.


Sunlight boosts Vitamin D in your system. By constantly applying sunblock to your skin each time you’re exposed to the sunlight, you are depriving yourself of Vitamin D. Yes, sunscreen is essential when you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, but a little sun exposure will go a long way to enhance your health, as Vitamin D strengthens your bones, teeth, and immune system. It also protects you against dementia and ageing of the brain and minimizes asthmatic symptoms. And yes, it also protects your body against cancer! Experts believe that sun deprivation raises the risk of prostate cancer in particular.


Sunlight is believed to lower levels of Cortisol – also called the ‘stress hormone’. Cortisol increases appetite, which leads to weight gain. Research has found that sun exposure actually decreases these harmful cortisol levels.


Depressed? Get into the sunlight! Experts have found that sunlight can relieve the symptoms of depression. One study showed that early morning sunlight can reduce the length of hospitalization in patients with bipolar disorder.


Are you at risk of High Blood Pressure? Get more sun! One study found that less sun exposure increases the risk of developing High Blood Pressure. In addition, sunlight can directly affect the risk of Cardiovascular Disease, as Vitamin D in sunlight regulates Blood Pressure.


Lower your risk of getting Diabetes, by getting more sun exposure. Experts conclude that Vitamin D prevents Diabetes as well.


Sunlight can also lower the risk of Multiple Sclerosis. Experts found that less direct sunlight received by people living at higher altitudes led to the higher incidence and prevalence of multiple sclerosis.


Consider the fact that sunlight also reduces Psoriasis, treats Vitiligo, protects against Arthritis, controls Asthma, treats acne and eczema and promotes hair growth, and you will realize why it is so important to get adequate amounts of sunlight every day.


However, consult your Doctor about how much sunlight you need to positively impact your health and state of mind.

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