Breast Cancer test made affordable

by Marshaneil Soumi D' Rozario | 05th October, 2018

breast cancer test made affordable
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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India and accounts for 27% of all cancers in women.  At an incidence rate of 25.8 per 100,000, it is lower than in some developed countries, but the mortality rate (12.7 per 100,000) is comparable to that in western countries. Data on incidence rates of breast cancer from six major cancer registries of India show that the annual percentage increase in the incidence of breast cancer has been in the 0.46 to 2.56% range. Each year about 1,50,000 women is detected with breast cancer in India. A majority (~95%) of early stage (Stage 1 &2) breast cancer patients get chemotherapy to avoid cancer recurrence.  The advent of science has made breast cancer less dreadful if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Breast cancer patients have to undergo chemotherapy along with proper tests.


Currently, there is minimal awareness about tests that predict the risk of cancer recurrence. OncoStem's CanAssist-Breast is designed to classify patients depending on the risk of cancer recurrence. By analyzing the patient's tumor biology, CanAssist-Breast identifies 'low-risk' patients who will have the minimal benefit of adding chemotherapy to their treatment and 'high-risk' patients who will benefit the most by adding it. The cost of the test is Rs 60,000/-. A similar test from the west (OncotypeDX)  can cost somewhere close to 2-3 lakhs.  


 Patients with low risk of recurrence are often over-treated and consequently, bear various toxic effects of chemotherapy treatment that reduces their quality of life. The benefit that early-stage patients receive from chemotherapy is usually low. Since most early-stage patients do well without chemotherapy, this makes accurate risk prediction an all-important prerequisite for effective treatment. It is, therefore, necessary to detect low-risk instances to avoid overtreatment in the form of chemotherapy, given its side effects and the toll it takes on the patients' quality of life.


Major benefits of CanAssist-Breast test :


 It provides additional information about the tumor by looking at the expression of proteins present in it. Along with the existing pathology report.


 CanAssist-Breast can help identify the likelihood of cancer returning post-surgery and whether the patient is likely to benefit from adding chemotherapy to her treatment. It is important to remember that each patient is different and there is a chance they will not have to undergo chemotherapy at all.


 Since the test looks at critical information pertaining to a tumor, it helps doctors design custom-made treatment plans.


CanAssist-Breast can spare potentially over 60,000 breast cancer patients in India and about 1 million patients worldwide every year from the severe side effects and unnecessary costs of chemotherapy. 


CanAssist-Breast is prescribed by clinicians to the patients.  The patient can avail the test by directly contacting OncoStem Diagnostics, Bangalore or their channel partners. The patient will not have to go through any additional surgery to get CanAssist-Breast test done. CanAssist-Breast is a proteomic-based test that assesses the expression of metastasis-related biomarkers to predict the probability of recurrence of invasive breast carcinoma. It makes customized treatment possible by either avoiding or shortening treatment cycles in low-risk patients and by identifying high-risk patients who would benefit from the addition of chemotherapy to the existing treatment regiment.

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