by Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi | 06 August, 2018

as the rains come, so do infections
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As the skies open up topour some water to give us the much needed relief from the flaming sun,and as the weather gets better, the chances of viral and bacterial infections get worse. Monsoon doesn’t just bring happiness and joy but also some very harmful problems to the most sensitive part of our body, the supposed windows to a person’s soul, ‘Eyes’.


Everyone needs to take a certain level of precaution to enjoy the beautiful weather without anything to put a damper on our lives. Some of the major and easy precautions to take during monsoon for good eye care are:


             Be Hygienic. Always keep the clothes that you bring near your eyes and your hands clean. Don’t share your personal items like towels, glasses, contact lenses etc. with anyone.


             Wear a pair of sunglasses or spectacles whenever you leave your house. They prevent foreign objects from entering our eyes.


             Treat your eyes with a lot of care. Wash your eyes with cold water daily. Don’t rub your eyes harshly after waking up or removing contact lenses as that can permanently damage the cornea.


             Try not to wear contact lenses during monsoons as they can cause extreme dryness in the eyes and can result in redness and irritation in the eyes. Keep your glasses clean and dry.


             Avoid the waterlogged areas because they contain a lot of virus, bacteria and fungus that can infect and cause harm easily.


             Eat a balanced and healthy diet to keep your bodies healthy and immune system intact to fight any infection.


The kind of infections that generally happens during the season of rains are not just scary but pretty harmful too. The most common infections that can happen to our eyes are:


             Conjunctivitisor commonly referred to as Eye Flu: It is the irritation or inflammation of the whites of our eyes. It is extremely contagious and spreads through even the slightest of contact. Although the infection goes away in a couple of days it is necessary to keep your eyes covered.



             Stye: is an infection when a red painful lump forms near the edge of the eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple. Styes are filled with pus and can sometimes form on the inner part of the eyelid too. A Stye will start to disappear on its own in a couple of days,however applying warm cloth regularly will help with the pain and discomfort. Don’t try to pop the boil or it will cause even more complications.


             Corneal Ulcer: is an open sore on the cornea and results in pus discharge, severe pain and blurriness of vision. It is a severe infection that can result in loss of vision and permanent blindness if not treated properly.


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