A steady ascent of C- section operations

by Marshaneil Soumi D’ Rozario | 27 APR 2018

a steady ascent of c section operations
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The Caesarean Awareness month highlights the growing rate of caesarean deliveries globally.  The month of April is devoted to create awareness and educate, the future parents about a reduction in the number of cesareans in mothers, who do not really need or who will not benefit from this procedure when compared to a vaginal birth. Cesarean Awareness Month also promotes Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and support for recovery from a cesarean. Thus, this awareness will be beneficial in improving maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery.



This week, a Texas hospital live-tweeted a scheduled caesarean section, from prep to aftermath, sharing information, photos of everything from the tools to the OR staff, and several (graphic) videos. It's the first fully comprehensive, interactive, live surgery of childbirth to be documented by a hospital staff. Approximately, 72,000 people viewed the C- section live on twitter, with more watching later on other platforms. (The hospital has its own YouTube channel for these events.) The mission behind this initiative is to educate people about this common surgery that many women have to opt for to deliver a baby.



In India too, c- section delivery is a common phenomenon. Cesarean Awareness Month aims to make expectant mothers aware that vaginal births can often be a choice they can take over cesarean section. Dr. Suneetha Kumari Putchla, Consultant Gynecologist of Continental Hospitals shares her valuable opinion on c-section operation.


What is the current trend for C-Section operations in India ?


 Ans : Caesarean section rate is increasing World wide and India is also not excluded from this trend. The C - Section rate has increased from 2.9% of the child birth in 1992-93 to 7.1% in 1988-89 and further rise to 8.5% in 2005-2006 and a steady rise to the  present 17.2%.


Is it beneficial to opt for C -section operations compared to normal delivery ?


Ans : No, It is definitely not beneficial to opt for C-section if everything is favourable for normal delivery. C-section is more risky when compared to normal delivery.  C-section is associated with more bleeding , more hospital stay , more infections,  more morbidity when compared to normal delivery.


Do Cesarean operations lead to a long term complication ?


Ans:  Cesarean delivery is associated with future subfertility.  C-section can impact future pregnancies in a negative manner examples include




Placenta previa - Placenta attaches to the lower part of uterine wall over the previous scar and partially or totally covers the Cervix.


Abnormal fetal positions Requiring a repeat C-section.


Rupturing of the uterus along the previous C-section scar.


C-Section can cause adhesions causing chronic pain in pelvis.


Why do you think it is gaining popularity in the urban population?


Ans:  These days many couples are opting for small families. Their pregnancies are  precious. So with the popular disbelief that normal delivery is risky, many   mothers opt for C-Section. Some just want to avoid pain during labor. Some want the convenience of scheduling of the delivery date. And there are a few who want to prevent damage to pelvic floors in order to preserve sexual function & Bladder control.



When do you advice mothers opt for cesarean operation?


Ans:  I Advice mothers to go for C-section for various indications like


     Abnormal fetal presentations


      fetal distress.


        Cephalopelvic disproportion (Big baby, Small pelvis).




       Placenta previa - Low lying placenta impeding vaginal delivery.


      Failure of progress of labor and previous 2 C-sections.


What age can be considered risky to have a C-section operation?


Ans:  Pregnancy after 35 years is considered as high risk pregnancy.These women  have risks like Gestational diabetes , Hyper tension in pregnancy , Bleeding during pregnancy , Premature delivery .


Same age can be said to be risky for C-section operation too.


How should young mothers take care of themselves after a C-section operation?.


Ans:  Operation site should be kept clean to avoid infections. Don't lift anything heavies than your baby for the first couple of weeks, and keep everything you might need with in reach. Hold your belly when you sneeze, cough or laugh to keep it still. Pain relivers can be taken most are safe for during breast feeding. Drink lots of water to replace the water lost during delivery as well as what you loose when you nurse your baby.  Eat healthy diet.


How can you attribute in increasing awareness amongst people regarding this?.


Ans:  During Antenatal visits mothers should be counselled about the process of Normal delivery and its benefits.They should be informed about the indications and risks of C-section. Antenatal mothers should be sent for Lamaze classes , teaching parents healthy birth practices for safe child birth like breath control, meditation and body Postures. Healthy Diet and Exercise must be followed.


What is your advice for the cesarean  awareness month?


Ans:  I Advice the pregnant women to know the benefits and risks of both normal  delivery and C-section and opt for normal delivery whenever possible.



For Appointments :  Dr. Suneetha Kumari Putchla, Consultant Gynecologist of Continental Hospitals

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