A nose job to make one attractive

by Ranabir Bhattacharyya | 18 JAN 2018

a nose job to make one attractive
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Obsession to have a good nose job done is the reason for the increasing rhinoplasty surgeries. At present, plastic surgeries have become very common in the area of cosmetic surgery.



The cosmetic surgeries are definitely different from traditional surgeries and require absolute precision and care to achieve the desired target. Among the cosmetic surgeries, Rhinoplasty surgery, commonly known as nose job, has altered all conventional ideas of facial perception.



The facial plastic surgery procedures aka rhinoplasty has been instrumental in rectifying nasal deformities or rather beautify nose, giving a compact look to nose. At present, with detailed study on rhinoplasty, a direct correlation with attractiveness, success and overall health is considered which can definitely have significant impact on any individual. Previously celebrities and film stars opted for such surgeries. Although there are some instances of unsuccessful surgeries, still it is considered to be a trendy procedure to enhance facial beauty.



Nose and improtant part of facial beauty: 



The impact of rhinoplasty on social perception is the most striking aspect. The importance of facial appearance on social interactions has been a topic of sociological research.  According to the results obtained in US based study where Delphi method was used to select standardized patient images, researchers have rated the patients who had undergone rhinoplasty were rated as significantly more attractive, more successful, and overall healthier.



In the study, the researchers used a scale ranging from 0 to 100, where higher scores corresponded to more positive responses. After initial collection of data, the researchers used statistical tools to determine the effect of rhinoplasty while additionally accounting for observer biases. Incidentally, the ‘halo effect’ is something which cannot be ignored here. Halo effect is the resultant impact where individuals who are considered more attractive receive significant social benefits. Facial appearance plays a dominant role in employment decisions, voting decisions, and even more lenient court judgments. Thus rhinoplasty automatically has got wider impact among individuals with enhanced social recognition.




As of now, it is still difficult to arrive at a direct conclusion with regard to rhinoplasty. No doubt factors such as patient variability, surgical technique play important role in this regard. But it can be definitely said that a nose job alone cannot fully guarantee that an individual will be perceived as more attractive, successful, and healthy. Further research can definitely reflect upon actual rhinoplasty patient population and user behavior.

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