Wellness Mantras for Mental Health!

by Sujatha Nanjundeshwara | 28 DEC 2017

Wellness Mantras for Mental Health
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Stresses, depression, anxiety, change… all are negative emotions that tax our mental health. And before you resort to medication and treatment, why not try out a few simple wellness tips and opt for a lifestyle change itself ?



 You are what you eat - Eat food high in sugar and bad fatty acids and you will not only gain weight but also suffer from depression in the bargain.  With each extra serving of salt, your blood pressure shoots up, putting extra strain not only on your heart but on your kidneys and brain as well.



 Why not go nature’s way and opt to include only natural foods in your diet? A study by the University of Warwick shows that fruits &vegetables are linked to better mental health.




Exercise - Stop stressing yourself out by looking at those Facebook pictures of friends jetting off to exotic locales. Instead, lace up those walking shoes, go for a brisk stroll or even potter around in the garden and delight in that lovely daisy blooming under your care. You could even enroll for a yoga or a zumba class. Physical exercise will help you knock off those annoying pounds as well as mental distress.




Meet friends face to face - It could be something as simple as grabbing lunch with a coworker or meeting that long lost friend for coffee over the weekend. Whatever it is, make sure to leave your mobile behind, so that you both get a chance to talk and listen to each other. Develop eye contact, exchange a smile, wave a friend greeting and even indulge in small talk with neighbors or even strangers who cross your path.




Sleep -  However bad the day has been, just getting a good night’s sleep makes the world seem like a better place the next morning. And cut out whatever comes in the way of your shuteye; be it heavy evening meals, caffeine, alcohol or even TV.  Instead try a warm bath, soothing music or even deep breathing exercises to help you grab sound sleep each night.




Welcome Change -  Whether you are a parent whose children have flown the nest. Or an adolescent struggling to cope with the mental or emotional changes of the phase. Or even an adult struggling with a broken heart or relationship. Life makes us feel vulnerable with unexpected changes around each corner. And while its normal to feel emotional, we also need to pull ourselves up with hope & faith. Now is the time for you to adapt, grow and strike out on a different path which you had never considered before.




Find your life’s purpose -  What makes you feel creative and productive? Is it singing, drawing, playing an instrument or any other activity?  Then sign up for it. Make sure to spend good quality time with your loved ones’ be it friends, elderly relatives, small children or even your pets. Volunteer for social causes; sign up to teach at the school for underprivileged children or volunteer at that orphanage or old age home and add depth and meaning to your life.

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