Use Cypress oil to enhance health and beauty !

by Sujatha Nanjundeshwara | 20 DEC 2017

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The Cypress tree is linked with death. It often grows in and around cemeteries. Yet the oil obtained from this tree can save us from critical disease and illnesses.



Bearing the scientific name of Cupressus sempervirens, the oil obtained from this tree is loaded with antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial and anti rheumatic properties.



Made by distilling young twigs, stems and needles of this tree which grows in the Coniferous and Deciduous regions, this oil can literally prove to be a life saver. Here are a few things, it can do for you:



Stop that muscle sag -  Stop you teeth and hair from falling out. Tighten up those muscles. Having astringent properties, cypress oil can tighten up the gums, skin, hair follicles & muscles and hold them firmly in place.



Heal those wounds -  That antiseptic lotion you picked up contains Cypress oil. So you may as well use Cypress oil which has Camphene to treat internal and external wounds.



Shake of those spasms-  It has anti spasmodic properties so use it to rid yourself of that nagging muscle pull, cramps, convulsions or even spasmodic cholera.



Get rid of toxins -  When you pass urine frequently and in larger quantities you not only get rid of fat, excess water & toxins from your body, but also spruce up your digestion process and stop gas formation in the intestines.



Cypress oil can help you achieve all this and more.



Stop excessive bleeding -  Whether you are suffering from heavy menstruation or losing excessive blood due to any other injuries, then cypress oil can come to your aid. It has haemostatic properties to stop that blood flow and help clot blood when needed.



Buck up those lungs -  Reach for Cypress oil when you are suffering from cough, cold or even asthma. Use it to boot phlegm out of your system. In fact, it’s a safer bet than antibiotics because it has less damaging side effects and also helps you retain those vital probiotics.



Smell good -  Ditch that strong synthetic deodorant. Go for this natural antibacterial, clean, spicy one to lift up your spirits and boost your energy.



Calm down! Sad? Depressed? Stressed? Sleepless? There’s one solution for all your problems -



Use Cypress as aromatic oil or apply it on affected areas to re-energize yourself.



Lose that cellulite -  Being a diuretic, cypress oil can help remove excess water and salt to avoid fluid retention and promote blood flow. Other diseases caused by poor circulation like varicose veins or hemorrhoids can be treated with Cypress Oil as well.

 Disclaimer: Welthi.com does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here, and the results may vary from person to person. Read more

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