Go Organic is the new mantra

by Marshaneil S D' Rozario | 06 JAN 2018

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The World Health Day is chosen by the ‘I Say Organic’ organization to disseminate awareness about right eating, active thinking for a healthy body and mind. Food plays a pivotal role in actuating mood and help in balancing hormones in the body. The secret to a healthy life is a healthy diet. A balanced diet and powerful food choices takes a good care of our physical and emotional health. Mood disorders and imbalance in hormones are the two major impediments in our fast paced life. Mood swings can trigger pervasive health problems. It is a root cause for depression. Hormones not only affect mood also the sleep cycles, metabolism, reproductive cycle, sexual arousal, hunger and cravings. For a holistic well being, one should resort to organic food. It is the most natural way to change our diet.



The founder of ‘I Say Organic’ Mr. Ashmeet Kapoor believes that certain foods create a huge impact on how we feel. This is of greater severity than just feeling grouchy from overdoing it. There is a wealth of research that suggests that some types of food contain essential components for securing a good mental health.  A deficiency of this component can possibly worsen diagnosable mental disorders such as depression.



While depression is not caused by just one factor, eating well is a positive step in the right direction and in some cases deficiencies of certain vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids do seem to directly relate to our emotional wellbeing.



Ashmeet Kapoor, Founder & CEO, I Say Organic is of the opinion that “Eating well, exercising regularly, and staying happy, are the three essentials for good health. Organic food is a big component of eating well, as it removes unwanted chemicals, additives, and adulterants from our diet, which unfortunately are otherwise prevalent. However, just eating organic doesn't guarantee good nutrition, as we also have to ensure we follow wholesome diets. At I Say Organic, while our mission is to make every day organic living convenient and accessible, the core purpose is to cultivate a sense of consciousness and responsibility towards ourselves and the world. While not very intuitive, increasing amount of psychological research now also points to the implications this has on staying happy. Self-love, and a sense of responsibility, purpose, and gratitude, is all essential for our overall happiness. And the best starting point is consciously making choices in our daily lives in line with these principles, like consuming food that we know is good for our bodies, benefiting farmers, and good for the earth.”



Cruciferous vegetables, flax seeds, coconut, herbs, essential oils and fruits are some of the organic produce that can benefit the process and is fiber rich food.



‘I Say Organic’ has recommended some of the food items that can be included in your daily diet that can help to fight depression:



 Leafy Greens










Citrus fruits


Omega 3 fatty acids rich food like (nuts, Flax seeds etc)




Natural fibers act as a catalyst to sweep the body of toxins helping everything to move. Vegetables are the finest source of fiber. Vegetables act in a specific way to balance the hormones and decongest unwanted materials. In fact, Broccoli has a chemical compound that draws out bad estrogens.



Various herbs are also considered to support the hormone process in diverse ways. Some of them are as follows:













Diet and lifestyle changes cannot act as an absolute cure to depressions. Mood can become extremely suffocating leading to a complete disruption of quality life. It can have dire consequences like substance abuse and poor work performance. Treatment for depression can be a complicated process involving therapy and medication. But, certain foods can uplift your mood. So you should choose wisely while selecting the food to consume.



One should always keep in mind the importance of adequate nutrition because you are what you eat. Thus, you need to eat organic food to keep oneself happy. Eat Right to stay bright.

 Disclaimer: Welthi.com does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here, and the results may vary from person to person. Read more

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