Eat healthy, live wealthy

by S Sharma | 23 SEP 2017

Eat healthy live wealthy
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Healthy eating is a key factor in promoting good health. Three nutritionists say healthy eating plays an important role in keeping your body healthy and strong, as well as preventing illness




Eating healthy is a relative term. Everyone seems to know the answer to that question. “As an expert in the industry I would simply say that there is no shortcut to being healthy, staying fit, keeping within the optimum weight ranges and living a lifestyle that is high in quality. Eating healthy must be based on exactly how you live. You need to eat conducive to the lifestyle you live based on what your body can handle and in a balanced manner not lacking in anything. That balance, that ratio and proportion will vary for individuals depending on their lifestyle but primarily a natural healthy diet must be one which takes care of all the nutrients required by the body to function,” says  Karen  Campos Bhatia, Clinical  Nutritionist and  Lifestyle  Consultant .


A diet must have fruit and vegetables in it, some simple starches, some complex carbohydrates, lean protein and of course once in a while fatty protein as well, and simple fats.


Nutritionist Dr B Janaki says, “Healthy meal contains appropriate  portions from carbohydrate source, protein source, vegetable source, fruit source and milk product source. Indian meals are best examples. A timely meal becomes healthy. Eating healthy actually prevents diseases. Improves immunity . Sense of well being will be high. There will be good emotional balance too.”


“The overall effect of the above ends up impacting every aspect of your health. Mental, emotional and physical well being,” adds Karen.


Your body is happier and so are you. Diseases are at bay, and ones that are present are under control if not eradicated. “Eating healthy can prevent obesity, which can reduce the risk of many lifestyle related diseases such as - Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Bone related diseases, Sleep apnea, Hypertension, Kidney diseases, infertility, PCOS etc,” explains Dr Sunitha Premalatha, Chief Dietitian, Yashoda Hospitals.




Somehow carbs have become bad in the eye of dieters.  “For their information fat is also a carbohydrate, however, because of the structural difference it is not easily digestible. Where as a carbohydrate from cereal is easy to digest.  In my opnion  what ever diet one follows, they have to return to normal eating habits. Therefore it is good to make useful healthful changes in our daily food habits,” says Dr Janaki.


Over the years there have been many versions of high-fat high-protein diets that have been propagated as weight loss diets, they have always been effective methods to lose weight but always fail in sustainability and eventually lead to a yo-yo pattern of unhealthy eating caused by desperation for results.


“A combination of these factors eventually affect your heart may cause diabetes and result in your weight being eventually higher than you started. It is impossible for someone to stay on ketosis for a lifetime so while it may give you short-term benefits in the long term it is harmful emotionally and physically,” says Karen.




“IT has opened flood gates and people are drowned in huge unwanted information. Advice is available everywhere. Its individual discretion to use it to own benefit than land up in confusion,” says Dr Janaki.


People are incessantly showered with diet advice...but the big question is...Is it from a qualified dietitian?? warns Dr Sunitha, “Make sure of the credentials of the person who guides you. Beware of diet quacks and safeguard your health.”


“All I say is speak to experts in the industry understand the moves you're about to make and understand your lifestyle first before making any changes. Anything that is not sustainable is not going to work,” adds Karen.



Dr B Janaki explains


  Olive oil has low calories


  Eating white rice causes diabetes/obesity


 Eating fruits along with meals causes acidity


Dr Sunitha Premlatha 


 Jaggery / honey can be used instead of sugar esp for diabetics


  Specific time to eat fruits


  Zero cholesterol cooking oils are healthy


 Drinking milk will lead to weight gain


Karen Campos Bhatia


My personal favourite myth is the over glorifying of the benefits of high-fibre.


We aren't cattle that we can just eat endless amounts of insoluble fibre the fact is that it causes bloating and weight gain. Discomfort and pain. People are consuming oats, bajra, javari and brown rice in a typical day as substitutes for rice and atta rotis. This causes severe indigestion, bloating and acidity.

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