5 tips to avoid allergies in winter

by The Welthi Bureau | 17th Jan, 2019

5 tips to avoid allergies in winter
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Many people suffer from allergies, especially in the winter season. You will be surprised to know that most of the allergens are sitting right in your home and triggering these allergic reactions in your body. You need to be aware of them to avoid allergies in the winter season. All you need to do is to follow the simple tips mentioned below to stay away from various allergies in this season. Also, discuss with your doctor and get suitable suggestions about maintaining your health in winters.


Wear proper clothing to protect your skin

It is common for people to use woolen clothing to get protection from cold in winter season. However, you must understand that some people are sensitive to wool and wearing such clothes directly on the skin can rub the skin roughly and cause rashes and itchiness. To avoid such problems, use some inner line of clothing made of cotton or other comfortable material while using woolen clothing like sweaters and jackets.


Avoid using a heater inside the home

Most people feel comfortable when they use a heater during winters. However, this reduces the humidity inside the room and it can cause sinus problems in some people. Make sure to limit its usage if you cannot avoid it completely. Some amount of humidity is good for your lungs as it keeps the sinus passage moist. However, remember that excess humidity inside the home can make it very convenient for mold to grow and trigger various allergies in the future.


Keep carpets, mattress and foot mats clean

Your carpets and mattress can become a home for mold and other harmful substances. This problem gets exaggerated during winters as the excess humidity and cold conditions trigger such mold growth inside the home. Make sure to wash your carpets and mattress regularly to avoid such allergens. If you are not able to wash them thoroughly, at least try to dry them in direct sunlight for few hours to kill the mold. It also makes sense to keep them dry to avoid growth of mold.


Pet dander causes allergies

If you have pets at home, you need to understand that even their skin dries a lot during winters and this can lead to pet dander which is dead skin flakes of the pets. This can become airborne and get into your body and trigger allergic reactions. The best way to avoid this situation is to wash your pets once a week so that the dead skin flakes can be removed regularly.


Eat foods that boost your immunity

Finally, eating foods that boost your immunity is important during winters. You can use basal leaf also known as tulsi in your everyday diet and get relief from various allergic symptoms like cough and cold during the winter season. Apart from that, eating some spices can also boost your immunity in the long run. Make sure to add some turmeric to your regular food as this has many useful ingredients for your health.


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